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Q: What is you will sleep all day long in Korean?
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When does hamsters sleep?

When do hamsters sleep? And 4 how long?!? What do they all day long?!? Do they ever sleep 4 a whole day?

Does ants sleep and if so for how long?

Nope they don't sleep. They work all day long

How long do leopard geckos sleep?

They sleep almost all day and wake up in the night.

What do wombats do all day long?

Wombats are nocturnal, so they sleep during the day.

How long does a new born baby sleep?

24 hours a day all day

What do polar bears like to do the most?

sleep all day long.

How long do kangaroos sleep for?

Kangaroos can sleep for long hours and tend to sleep all day or all night depending on the type. They mostly wake up to eat at dusk and at dawn.

How long do hamsters sleep after a long play?

It depends really, i would say, if it played at night, it would sleep all day.

How long is a Korean funeral?

3 day

How long should a guinea pigs sleep?

Off and on all day and night.

For how much does the blob fish sleep?

All day long until food passes by and it eats it.

What does a bunny do all day?

Bunnies like to sleep eat and drink all day long. They are small, loving animals.

How long do betta fish sleep every day?

They Sleep for as long as they want to

Why do pit bulls sleep all day long?

Because pit bulls are dogs. And dogs require a lot of sleep.

How long to badgers sleep?

badgers r nocturnal so they will sleep all day (about 12 hours) and hunt at night

Why does a cat sleep so long?

All felines sleep two thirds of their life, i.e. 16 h/day.

What is the shrews niche?

The shrew only does is eat and sleep also he just sits on a tree stump all day in the woods...some times the just sleep all day long.

How long do sloths sleep each day?

they sleep aprox 18 hours a day

How long does a newborn mouse sleep?

All day. They wake up when they are disturbed or hungry

What do dragons do all day?

They sleep all day .

You either tired all day or sleep all day but then you cant sleep at night?

If you sleep all day, it's pretty obvious why you can't sleep at night. But if you're tired all day but can't sleep at night, you probably have insomnia which is a symptom, not a complete disease.

How long does a dog sleep every day?

It depends on several factors. One would be the age of the dog. A older dog will typically sleep much more than a puppy. It also depends on what they have going on. If a dog is alone all day they will sleep much of the time. If they are out doing something they will probably be awake all day long and just sleep at night.

How long should tigers sleep a day?

Tigers sleep 18 to 20 hours a day.

How long do koalas sleep each day.?

koalas sleep upto 20 hours a day

How long do koalas sleep each day?

koalas sleep upto 20 hours a day