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What is your 1989 Morgan silver dollar worth?


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The last Morgan dollars were minted in 1921.


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Morgan silver dollars were not made in 1989.

Morgan dollars were made from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

The amount of a 1989 one troy ounce silver dollar mint will vary. Currently, on resale markets, worth ranges from 35.00 to 250.00.

The value for the silver as of today is about $18.00

It can be worth about $35 - $50. It depends on the condition.

If your referring to a 1989 American Silver Eagle coin, the value is based on the price of silver at time of sale. It should be about $15.00

Kennedy is on the HALF-dollar, and one from 1989 is worth 50 cents.

The 1989 American Silver Eagles were issued as Proof and Uncirculated. Today the proof coin has an average market value of $25.00, uncirculated is $23.00.

There is no such thing as a 1989 $1 Silver Certificate.

Better tell that to the US Mint as I am holding one in my hand as we speak.

It is usually worth about 23-27 dollars a piece in Unc. or AU-50. It is worth about 55 dollars in a Proof set.

Wrong, I have a Proof 1989 Congressional Silver Dollar.

Still worth one dollar each in Canada.

The U.S.Mint has never issued a silver penny.

The 1989 (and all other dates) One Dollar Silver Eagle coins are bullion coins that have 1 ounce of pure silver in them with a value that follows the market price of silver which changes by the minute and right now it's $17.34 per ounce. Because of that the worth of the coin is a little less than spot price at time of sale.

No, but there are "Walking Liberty" American Silver Eagle coins.

The dollar denomination is artificial. "American Eagle" coins are sold for their precious metal content and not for spending. As of 04/2009 it's worth at least $10 for the silver it contains, up to $16 for a well-struck proof.

A dollar in 1989 has the same buying power as 1.88 today. Or another way to look at it would be a dollar in 1989 would be worth approximately 53 cents today.

That's either 1979 or 1999, because none were made in 1989. Either way, it's only worth one dollar.

It is worth the silver spot price per ounce. The related link below lists silver per ounce.

Current value is about $29.00 dollars.

It's not worth much. Under a dollar.

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