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Kennedy is on the half dollar, not the silver dollar. As of February 2016, a 1964 Kennedy half is worth about $5.50, a 1965-1970 is about $2.25, and 1971 or later is 50 cents.

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Kennedy is on the HALF dollar, not dollar. There were no U.S. silver dollars minted in the 1960s. The '64 Kennedy half is 90% silver and extremely common, currently worth about $10.50 for the silver.

How much is a silver Kennedy half dollar worth?

A 1969 silver Kennedy half dollar is worth $5 inn perfect condition. The value of the silver is worth $2.87.

Kennedy is on the HALF dollar, not the silver dollar. 1964 is an extremely common date, currently worth about $11 for the silver.

1964 was first year for Kennedy 50c. Has about $4.80 worth of silver?

How much is a 1968 kennedy silver half dollar worth

No because there is no such thing as a Kennedy silver dollar, only half dollars.

It's a very common date for Kennedy halves, currently worth about $10 for the silver.

If you mean a 1998 Kennedy half dollar, the coin has no silver in it and is worth face value.

The 1966 Kennedy half dollar is 40% silver and worth about $5.00.

As of February 2018, it's worth about $2.50 for the silver.

If the coin is a US Kennedy half dollar dated 1974 it has no silver in it and is face value.

At present silver prices at around $30/oz, a '64 Kennedy half is currently worth about $11.

No 1971 Kennedy half dollars were struck in silver the last year was 1970 for 40% silver coins

The 1998-S silver matte finish Kennedy half dollar with the letter p is worth $500

1965-1970 Kennedy halves are only 40% silver. Most are valued for just the silver, about $4.50.

Kennedy is on the half dollar, not the dollar. Those minted in 1964 are worth about $13, coins from 1965-70 are worth about $5, and anything 1971-present are worth 50 cents.

The coin is only 40% silver and has a value of $2.73 only the 1964 Kennedy half dollar was 90% silver.

It's worth about $4 for its silver content.

Kennedy halves that year were 40% silver, and currently worth about $5.

A 1972 Kennedy half dollar contains no silver and is worth 50 cents.

1967 Kennedy half dollars are 40% silver, and it's worth about $2.50

A Kennedy Half Dollar that was minted in 2007 and carries a mint mark of "S," was produced in clad and silver. The clad in a proof state is worth: $4; in silver, the value is: $7.00.

A 1964 Kennedy half dollar is 90% silver, currently worth about $10. 1965-70 are 40% silver, worth around $4. Anything 1971-present is 50 cents.

It isn't silver. It is worth 50 cents unless it is a proof coin.