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What is your advice in the situation that I am in I like this girl but I am not sure weather she likes me and I think that her best friend likes me?


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well first do you like that friend? if not then ignore her, well if you think she does then ask her out if not then do not ask her out, you should flirt with her too.

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I was in the same situation. I got some advice from a teen who's my friend. She said that you should have a friend who knows the guy ask him what he thinks of you. Then later have the friend tell you what he said. It worked for her. Now the two of them are together. ! :)

If he acts nervous or overly confident, he likes you.

Whoever you think needs to know. A friend that can help you get her, or a parent for their advice.

If you like your best friend, and she likes you, too, and you know this for certain, then it would make sense for you to tell her and discuss the situation.

She Likes the Weather was created in 1992.

It can mean the guy YOU like, likes you. Or it can mean the guy you like's friend, likes you. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I'm very bad at giving advice! :-)

If you have a friend who is a friend of him, ask the friend to ask him if he likes you.

Tell your friend that you like him, discuss how you both feel, and she may back off. Just tell her don't ignore the situation.

If you like the girl back, you really need to tell your best friend. Nonetheless, even if you're sure that the girl likes you you also need to tell your best friend or he'll end up getting hurt by this situation which is extremely difficult. Be most considerate of how he feels.

Well, from the looks of him messing with friend instead of you kind of gives me the hint he either likes you both or he really doesn't like you. I would try to talk to him about this since you seem to like him, and talk to him about the situation.

If your friend likes him back, back down. Risking your friendship is not worth it. If he likes you both, but your friend doesn't like him, tell him. If he ONLY likes your friend, don't do it, as he'll use you to get to your friend.

you have to be straightforward! if not, you're gonna give him false hopes. but as for your friend, maybe you could tell her about your situation. so, she can think of a better way to make him like her. ;D gewd luck!

Ask the girl that she likes you or your friend

have ur friend figure out if he likes u and drop hints that u like him so he will ask u out! or have ur friend do it!

Listen, I've definitely been in a situation like that. If that happens, yu need to tell them straightforward that you just want to be their friend. No need to be frustrated.

the you start to flurt with that guy so that your friend will see that he likes you and you like him!

Nothing. Or thank friend A for doing something that friend B was afraid to do.

Well the first thing that needs to be done is to be honest about who you are interested in. Either way the girl that likes you will probally be hurt about the situation. Just make sure that you are not using this girl to get close to her friend that is the worst thing you can do.

Just do what they think is right!! if u really do like them u would ask them out dude or dudett. If you're in support of your friend, you could act as a wingman or a wingwoman and make your friend seem appealing to the friend he or she likes. If you don't care for doing so, you don't have to. It may get a little awkward but try to support your friend throughout the entire situation.

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