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Your aunt is your child's Great Aunt, so your child is her great niece or great nephew.

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A child of your aunt or uncle is your first cousin.

To your child, she would be a great great great aunt. If she is your mother's great aunt, that means she is your great great aunt, making her a great great great aunt to your child. I would just stick to calling her auntie or Aunt ______. :)

You father's aunt is your great aunt.

The same reason that it is a mother when it is her child and aunt for her sister's children.

Your child is your aunt's great nephew (if he is a boy) or great niece (if she is a girl). Your aunt is your child's great aunt.

most likely the aunt did something to the child when it was young to make it cry whenever the child sees the aunt.

Great great aunt/uncle. To your niece, you are the aunt/uncle, to her child you would be the great aunt/uncle. So you would then be the great great aunt/uncle of her child's child (her grandson)

Aunt Alexandra is Francis' grandmother. He's the child of her child, Henry.

The aunt of your first cousin's child is your first cousin's sister, who is also your first cousin.

The child of your niece is your great niece or great nephew. You are that child's great aunt (or, some would say, grand aunt.

child. The father is related to his sister which would be an aunt to this child, but the child s the aunts niece and this is their relation.

The child of your great aunt is the first cousin of one of your parents, and your first cousin once removed.

Your great-aunt is the sister of your grandparent and aunt to one of your parents. The child of your great-aunt is your parent's first cousin, and your first cousin, once removed.

Your Aunt/Uncle's child.

When your sister or brother has a child.

No. She is an only child.

yes the aunt could if the little girl had been taken away from her mother from child services and the father has no intrest. but she can not if the father decides to take custidy then no

The child of your great aunt and great uncle is the first cousin of one of your parents and your first cousin, once removed.

Your husband's sister's child is your niece, and you are her aunt.

The child of your niece is your great nephew (if the child is a boy) or your great niece( if the child is a girl). You are the child's great aunt, because you are a woman. A man would be the child's great uncle.

If the nephew is a child of one of the aunt's siblings, then the nephew is blood related to his aunt. However, a nephew may also be the child of the sibling of the aunt's husband and is then not a "blood relative" of the aunt.

An aunt if its a girl. An uncle if its a boy.

Your grandfather's child is either your parent (mother or father) or your aunt or uncle.

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