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What is your life like with Spina Bifida?


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July 03, 2010 11:44PM

I have a moderate form of spina bifida, called meningocele, and hydrocephalus but am quite independent. However, I depend on others to drive me places. I also use crutches to walk and anything further than 100 metres requires the use of a wheelchair. I also need to wear splints in order to be able to walk.

The hydrocephalus also causes great difficulty retaining important information and being in school surrounded by a large group of my classmates was extremely difficult for me, as I would find myself drifting off after a couple of minutes and then would be suddenly aware that I had lost concentration.

The spina bifida also caused nerve damage to my arms and unfortunately I can't write as quickly as a normal, healthy person does. For example, say it takes someone 30 minutes to write out a long paragraph - it would take me double that time to complete the same amount of work.

I had a shunt inserted when I was 10 days old and it's still in perfect working order and had an operation on my back when I was 5 years old. In spite of my difficulties I have managed to live a good life so far and long may it continue.