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There is a lighthouse on Big Nate and Vampire Curse Island.

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Where is the light house on Poptropica big nate?

the light house on poptropica is on the island

Where is the light on big nate?

The main light on BIG NATE island is the LIGHT HOUSE

Where did they do surgery on shutter island?

It was rumored to be in the light house.

Where are all the items on the club penguin island adventure party?

sometimes they are in the Light House look in the Light House.

Where is the light house on big nate island?

it is at the right end of Big Nate Island

How do you get to the light house in ghost story island?

you get on the boat and go south west until you see the light house, simples

How do you get the bird on Big Nate island to leave?

shine the light on it from the light house with thlobster

What is the lobster in big nates island on poptropica used for?

You use it to turn the crank on light in the light house.

Where is the light house on Big Nate island on poptropica?

you go to big nate island them just keep following the arrows till you get to the puffin point then the big red and white stripped thing is the light house

Where is the photograpgh at Poptropica?

on big nate island, in the air, next to the light house

How do you find the light on haunted house island on poptropica?

you have to do the clock challenge hope that helps!!:)

How do you find the light house on ghost island on poptropica?

You ride the boat to it. It is by the jail... kind of...

How do you light up the lighthouse on ghost story island?

you pick up the torch and light the torch then you use it to see in the light house if my answer is wrong correct me

What county is ocracoke light house in?

It is located in the Outer Banks,North Carolina on Ocracoke Island.

How do you get rid of the bird on the Big Nate island on Poptropica?

you have to move the satellite on the light house with the lobster

Where do you use the light on Skullduggery Island?

When you have the blue candle, go to the governor's house (far right).

What is the name of the southernmost light house in nc and what island is its location?

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Location: Hatteras Island -->credit: thank the azn.

How do you get to the top of the lighthouse on ghost story island in Poptropica?

you find a torch outside of the light house and then you light the torch and when you duck when you are about to get hit with the leaves.

How do you get the key to the jetski on Big Nate island?

You have to get thescuba gear from the picture guy. Then you go to the light house and dive into the water. Get the crab trap and the light house keeper will give you a lobster and the keys.

When land on the bank on ghost story island why is cold thermometer not going on?

in the light house if the thermometer doesn't go off then go back to the main land and then go to the light house. it worked for me

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