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Cruelty and Violence (mostly). This is because the four idiots are denied of love from their parents since they were diagnosed with their abnormalities and are then treated with violence and cruelty from their parents. The parents, Berta and Mazzini, then hired the servent to help around the house and with the four idiots (Horacio Quiroga refers to 'idiota' or 'idiot' meaning, "mentally challenged") who also treats the brothers with cruelty. Then in the end, the brothers reciprocate this cruelty that has been thrust upon them their entire lives by killing the daughter after seeing the chicken be decapitated.

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The theme is, you can't know what you don't know. "My Brother's Peculiar Chicken" is a story about two brothers who argue over whether or not a particular chicken they own is a hen or a rooster. It has certain characteristics of each. After a lot of arguing, their parents get into the discussion and they too begin to argue about it. Eventually, they put the chicken into a cock fight, figuring if it won, it must certainly be a rooster. The chicken won the fight, and the boys finally agreed it was a rooster. However, much to their surprise, the chicken laid an egg on the way home, proving it was a hen.

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The theme of the short story, My Brother's Peculiar Chicken, by Alejandro Roces is that people have differing opinions on a subject. One person sees something one way and another person sees the exact opposite when looking at the same situation.

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google "what is a theme" and "How to write a theme steps" google "what is a theme" and "How to write a theme steps"

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