What items are available at PokeStops in Pokemon GO?

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At PokeStops you can find Poke Balls, Incense, Eggs, Revives, Potions, Razz Berries. You may be able to find other items as well as time goes on.
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How do you clone items in Pokemon Emerald?

How to clone Pokemon/items in Pokemon emerald. A new glitch was recently discovered that allows players who posses a copy of the Emerald version to clone both Pokemon and items to their heart's content. It can be done after having defeated the elite four, as you must have access to the battle front ( Full Answer )

How do you duplicate items on Pokemon Silver?

The Cloning Pokémon method actually also clones the Pokémon's item. *SAVE BEFORE DOING ANYTHING* First, you place your chosen Pokémon in a empty box in the PC. If you want to clone a item, give it to that Pokémon now. Then, switch the box to another empty box. When it asks to save, say ( Full Answer )

What are all of the items available on Nintendogs?

CHIHUAHUA AND FRIENDS Northern European .................... First House Desktop .............................. 6,000 Trainer Points Seaside .............................. 12,000 Trainer Points Outer Space .......................... 18,000 Trainer Points Urban Living ..................... ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon are available in Pokemon Diamond only?

As follows:. Seel . Dewgong . Scyther . Murkrow . Scizor . Larvitar . Pupitar . Tyranitar . Poochyena . Mightyena . Aron . Lairon . Aggron . Kecleon . Cranidos . Rampardos . Honchkrow . Stunky . Skuntank . Dialga

In Pokemon diamond is there a an item that allows the holder to go first?

It´s called a Quick Claw and you can find it in Jubilife City in the building that´s called Jubilife Condominiums. Talk to the girl next to the Pachirisu and the Pikachu and she will give you the Quick Claw. (Be carefull not to toss it away or releashing a Pokemon that holds it, because you ( Full Answer )

How do you clear 'available downloads' items on itunes?

Unfortunately, you can't. You just have to wait for it to download and then delete. This is particularly annoying if you buy a movie or tv show and you don't want the HD version. You basically have to wait for many GBs of files to download and then delete them.

What is the Pokemon available when you have the national dex?

All the Pokemon that didn't exist in that particular region. Example in firered and leafgreen you can get johto and hoenn Pokemon like lugia or rayquaza. In diamond and pearl you can get stuff from kanto and johto and hoenn.

What Pokemon are going to be available on WiFi in 2010?

If you mean the wifi trading, that would be every pokemon, otherwise, there is no answer to that, but there will probably be a celebi event with any luck, and maybe mew. These are just guesses.

What is your favorite Pokemon withability with item?

hey its me darkmewthreex just wanted to say mine is drapion with the sniper ability with scope lens sniper doubles the power of critical hits and scope lens makes it easier to get a critical hit

Which regions are available in Pokemon platinum?

I am 99.9% positive that you can only do the sinnoh regon but i am 0.01% sure that you can swap regons. If you need help doing your national pokedex then i suggest you get your hands on leaf green and emerald. You can use dual slot meathod to transfer the Pokemon from them to you platinum version bu ( Full Answer )

How do you get the item searcher on Pokemon platinum?

You receive it from either Dawn of Lucas after finishing the cycling road, on route 207. You probably have it already. It's in the Poketech and it's called a "Dowsing Machine". It's the one that looks like the screen is cut into fourths. You have to click it in different places and it will pinpoint ( Full Answer )

What legendary Pokemon are available in emerald?

1. Rayquaza 2. Groudon 3. Kyogre 4. Mew * 5. Lugia * 6. Ho-oh * 7. Deoxys * 8. Latios & Latias 9. Regirock 10. Regice 11. Registeel All these legendary Pokémon are obtainable in Emerald version, unless otherwise stated. * Need the respective Tickets to arrive on th ( Full Answer )

How do you clone items in Pokemon HeartGold?

As far as I know you cannot do this. If you really need to clone Pokemon or items, my strategy is to clone them in Emerald and then transfer them over in PalPark. It always works and isn't time consuming.

Item to get Loggia in Pokemon Heartgold?

It's called the Silver Wing, and you can get it from the guy near the entrance to Route 3 in Pewter City. You need to beat the Elite Four and have access to Kanto in order to get it.

How do you multiply items in Pokemon FireRed?

haven;t heard of this before myself , although i think you are abel to breed Pokemon on island 4 at the day care centre ( it willl cost you £100 , to take them back out , and a £100 there after for the levels they they grow ) ., normally ( though i haven't tried this myself ) , if you give ( Full Answer )

How do you evolve a Pokemon with an item in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Only some Pokemon evolve using certain evolution stones: Water Stone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Thunder Stone, Moon Stone. For Example: Clefairy and Jigglypuff both evolve when exposed to a Moon Stone. To evolve a Pokemon that evolves only from exposure to a evolutionary stone first you need to get th ( Full Answer )

Get all items in Pokemon Pearl?

You could look for an uber long code for action replay. Other than that, just start collecting.

How do you give a Pokemon an item in Pokemon Vortex?

Two ways: One, go into your bag and select an item, then select give, then pick the Pokemon you want to hold it. The other way is to go into your Pokemon and select the one you want to hold something, then hit give. It will take you to your bag, where you can pick an item that the Pokemon can h ( Full Answer )

How do you get the Pokemon Global link available?

First, you need to get the C-Gear. The C-Gear can be obtained by completing Fennel's sidequest. In the C-Gear, you will find three sections. These three sections are IR, Wireless, and Wi-Fi. In Wi-Fi, you will find Game Sync. You can make an account to the Pokemon website. Fill out all the forms and ( Full Answer )

When will the 700th Pokemon be available?

The summer of 2013 Pokemon.com has all the information. Next summer you can play Pokemon X or Y. Yes they have no more colors. :) -Omac

What are the available items in Benefit Makeup?

The Benefit Makeup line includes foundation, powder, eyeliner, lip gloss. Actually just about any type of cosmetic that can be found in a retail store is part of the Benefit line.

What kind of items are available on the shopnbc site?

There's jewelry, watches, clothing for men and women, beauty produces (makeup,hair care,nail care), toys, accessories, home items (blankets, furniture, cleaning supplies, essentials, lighting,etc.),electronics (laptops, phones, games, gaming consoles, cameras, DVD's, gps system, televisions, tablets ( Full Answer )

What protective items are available for Blackberry users?

The most common protective item available for Blackberry users are phone cases. Cases can come in a variety of materials, such as plastic, leather, or even metal. Other protective accessories include, holsters, screen protectors, lanyards, and water resistant cases.

What is the cheapest Bobcat equipment item available?

The absolute cheapest pieces of equipment you can hope to find from the Bobcat manufacturers would have to be the company's accessories and attachments. Even those can run you a few hundred dollars each.

What items are available in the Denby Jet collection?

The Denaby Jet, is a large collection of dinnerware. This collection incorporates a urban style by combining matt stripes with black or gray gloss, this gives a contemporary and timeless look.

What items are available at CollegeFabricStore?

College Fabric Store has fabrics that contain the logos of different colleges around the United States. They also sell MLB, NFL, and college mascot pillow pets.

What items are available on the Cintique website?

Items available on the Cintique website include living room furniture. Some examples are sofa, chairs and recliners. They also show different options for wood and fabrics that are features of their furniture.

What items and Pokemon will be available in the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire demo?

Glalie and Steelix were both available in the first adventure in ofthe special demo of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Glaliewas given to players when they first download the special demo andcompleted the first adventure with Steven in North America, Europe,Australia, and South Korea. Steelix ( Full Answer )

How much do the items in the Pokemon GO Shop cost?

Generally speaking, items become a better value when you buy moreat once. Here are the currently listed prices on all items in theShop, measured in PokéCoins: 20 Poké Balls - 100 100 Poké Balls - 460 200 Poké Balls - 800 Incense - 80 8 Incense - 500 25 Incense - 1250 Lucky Egg - 80 8 Luc ( Full Answer )

Why is Pokemon GO saying that the item is no longer available?

That depends on what item you are referring to. In general, if youhave your account open on two different devices, it could bethrowing errors like that, or maybe you used up all of your potionsbut clicked one twice there at the end or something?

What are all the medals available in Pokemon GO?

There are currently 28 badges available in Pokémon GO. They areeach available at three levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Here isa list of all the badge names, and requirements for the differentlevels: Ace Trainer Badge: . Bronze: Train 10 times at a friendly Gym . Silver: Train 100 times at ( Full Answer )

What are all of the items you can get in Pokemon GO?

Here are the items you can get in Pokemon GO: . Camera (For taking pictures of Pokemon. You get itautomatically.) . Great Ball (For catching Pokemon. Better than a Poke Ball, butnot as good as an Ultra Ball.) . Hyper Potion (For healing Pokemon. Better than a Super Potion,but not as good as ( Full Answer )