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Sand and humus.

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Where is Iodine found naturally?

mostly in soil and water

Is platinum natural or man made?

it is naturally found in soil

What household items contain iodine?

Iodine can be found in food naturally

What is chlorine found in?

in some cleaning supplies and pools. But it is not naturally in those items.

Where is water naturally found?

Aquifers, lakes, rivers, soil, air, and of course the ocean.

What does the fertilizer do?

Fertilizers place nutrients in the soil that are not naturally there. Just keep in mind the difference between fertilizers and soil conditioners. Soil conditioners are items that overall help the soil. So fertilizers are soil conditioners but not all conditioners are fertilizers.

What is the difference between engineering soil and other soil?

Engineering soil is when ground is prepared(engineered) for an specific purpose. Soil is dirty or ground naturally found on earth.By Oscar Venegas "Ozkhar"

Is Iodine found in nature?

Yes, iodine is found naturally in soil and water. In areas where the soil itself is deficient in iodine, the water does not contain this chemical and the native population exhibit evidence of iodine deficiency.

Where uranium comes from?

Uranium is a naturally occurring element that can be found in low levels within all rock, soil, and water.

What item is found naturally in soil?

Soil is made of 45 percent minerals, 25 percent water, 25 percent air and 5 percent is dead organic matter.

What are naturally occurring elements or compounds found in rocks soil or water are called?

The term is "minerals." Few elements are found in their pure elemental form, and they are mostly metals.

What are layers of soil called?

The layers of soil that were naturally deposited are called, 'Horizons'.

Why is prairie soil naturally fertile?

The soil is fertile because the chemicals are forming

Where is ozone found naturally?

Ozone is found naturally in stratosphere. It is found as ozone layer.

Where can soil be found?

Soil can be found on earth

In what form is neon naturally found?

Neon is naturally found as a gas.

Caffeine is naturally found in what substance?

Caffeine is naturally found in coffee.

Where are hydrangeas naturally found?

Hydrangea are plants, and are naturally found in the ground.

How long does a nematode live?

Nematodes are found naturally in soil. They help to kill harmful insects. A nematode can live for up to a few weeks.

What in natural spring water leaves traces of pink behind on the spout?

Serratia marcescens, a bacteria which is found naturally in soil, food, and in animals

Is the soil non renewable?

Soil can be made naturally, but it is a very slow process. So soil is a renewable resource.

What is soil found in?

Soil is found in fertile ground

Does radon come from soil?

Yes it comes from the soil. It occurs naturally from decaying uranium.

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