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Wranglers ? ps: skinny girls rule !

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Q: What jeans have a w on the back pocket They are skinny girls jeans?
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What is the teen look for back to school 2010?

the 80s are back in fashion. skinny jeans are popular for both guys and girls.

How are Hollister skinny jeans like compared to AE jeans?

AE jeans are longer and a bit larger than Hollister. Also the deigns on the back pocket differs with some other little details. Price is about the same.

What are the skinny jeans with an k on the back pocket?

krux or krucks if they have the little squares around . but if they don't have a square around it then i don't now what kind your talking about

How much was skinny jeans in the 1800s?

It's how much "were" skinny jeans and I'm pretty sure they didn't exist back then.

Who brought skinny jeans back?

The great Dillon brought it back.

Which do you preffer Flare jeans or skinny jeans please anserw back?

skinny! but wear straight, or else u will look the same, and straight r the same, but have their own touch! Skinny jeans rock!!! especially colored ones!

What jeans have a crown on back pocket?

rock & republic

What jeans have an h on the back pocket?

Citizens of Humanity

How do you make normal guys jeans into girls skinny jeans?

You can turn the jeans inside-out and then sew thread down the side of the leg (typically the outside of each leg). Then turn them back "outside-in" and they will be skinnier, the further inward you sew, the skinnier they will be.They do make men's skinny jeans, which aren't that hard to find anymore, Levis makes them among others.

What jeans have a M on back pocket?

I think your thinking of MEK denim. They are like my favorite jeans.

What brand of jeans have a star on each back pocket?


What brand of jeans has triangle on back pocket?

Aqua By Aqua