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What job did John Tyler have?

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John Tyler was a successful lawyer. in 1811 he was elected to the house delegates which started his political career.

- john Tyler book

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Why was John Tyler a good lawyer?

John Tyler was a great lawyer because he did a good job and studied hard!!

Who was John Tyler's family?

John Tylers family was: Mary Tyler Robert Tyler John Tyler Letitia Tyler Elizabeth Tyler Anne Contesse Tyler Alice Tyler Tazewell Tyler David Gardiner Tyler John Alexander Tyler Julia Gardiner Tyler Lachlan Tyler Lyon Gardiner Tyler Robert Fitzwalter Tyler Pearl Tyler (allegations of Tyler being the father of John Dunjee have also risen)

What job was held by both Polk and tyler?

I am assuming you are referring to John Tyler and James Polk, the 10th and 11th Presidents of the United States

John Tyler and his father John Tyler Sr?

John Tyler (Jr.) (1st one) was the 10th President of U.S.A and John Tyler Sr was John Tyler Jr.'s Father who was the governor of Virginia.

What religion was John Tyler?

John Tyler was an Episcopalian.

Did John tyler have any cilderen?

John Tyler had 7children

Why did Edgar Allan Poe meet president John Tyler?

He went to try to secure a Customs job for the government, but when he did he was drunk... he didn't get the job.

What was john Tyler father name?

John Tyler Sr. was John Tyler's dad.

Did John Tyler have a middle name?

No- his full name was John Tyler.

Did John Tyler have kids?

yes. john tyler had 15 kids

What state did John Tyler represent?

John Tyler represented Virgina

Does John Tyler have anything named after him?

he has a community collage names john tyler

When was John Tyler Cooper born?

John Tyler Cooper was born in 1844.

When did John Tyler Cooper die?

John Tyler Cooper died in 1912.

When was John Poyntz Tyler born?

John Poyntz Tyler was born in 1862.

When did John Poyntz Tyler die?

John Poyntz Tyler died in 1931.

How tall is Tyler John Williams?

Tyler John Williams is 4' 2".

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