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was protocol hostess

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Q: What job did dolley Madison have?
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Did dolley madison have to overcome throughtout her life?

Dolley Madison had to overcome a few things throughout her life. Some of the things that she had to overcome were her marriage, moving and a job.

What was dolley madison's father's job?

He opened a small laundry strarch.

What are some characteristics of Dolley Madison?

dolley madison slaves

What was dolley Madison's job?

she was a homemaker. she was also caregiver.also she was a white house hostess

What was james Madisons wife named?

dolley madison

Was Dolley Madison the 12345678 sibling?

Was Dolley Madison the first born

What was Dolley Madison's middle?

Dolley Madison's middle was like everybody's.

Dolley Madison worked for what president?

Dolley Madison was the wife of James Madison, the fourth president.

What is Dolley Madison's birthday?

Dolley Madison was born on May 20, 1768.

When was Dolley Madison born?

Dolley Madison was born on May 20, 1768.

Is dolley madison to be considered a hero or martyr?

Dolley Madison is considered to be a hero to some people. Dolley Madison became the wife of the 4th president.

Did dolley Madison make the dolley cake's?