What jobs can a felon not get?

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Teacher police officer fireman any thing that required being bonded doctor nurse corrections officer most professional jobs lawyer these are just off the top of my head.

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Q: What jobs can a felon not get?
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What criminal justice jobs can a felon get with an associate's degree?

What jobs can a person get with a criminal justice bachelor degree as a felon

What jobs can a felon have?

McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Fast food jobs

What jobs can you get in Columbia SC as a Felon?


What are some jobs that a felon can get in Indianapolis?

A felon in Indianapolis will mostly find retail and food service jobs. Some places that will hire a felon include Applebee's, Golden Corral, Goodwill, Dunkin' Donuts, IHOP and Olive Garden.

What jobs are open to a convicted felon?

There are quite a number of jobs that are open to a convicted felon. Some of them include online freelance jobs, construction, offshore drilling, telemarketing, translator, delivery guy and so many more.

Can an convicted felon become an architect?

A convicted felon can become an architect. Felons are prohibited from working in many different government jobs and voting.

What employers will hire a felon in York Pa?

jobs forfelonsin york pa

Can a felon get a degree in criminal justice?

Certainly. However, a felon would be barred from most jobs in the criminal justice field as a consequence of a felony conviction.

Do felony DUI's effect getting jobs in IT.?

I would think so, you're a felon...

What jobs can a violent convicted felon get?

Were not getting any but hard labor low pay

Can a felon get a job as an engineer?

It is possible for a felon to get a job as an engineer. There are a number of different companies throughout the United States that will offer jobs to those who were formally criminals.

Can felon sell liquor?

Yes. Despite popular perception, felons can legally work at most jobs.

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