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Teacher police officer fireman any thing that required being bonded doctor nurse corrections officer most professional jobs lawyer these are just off the top of my head.

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What jobs can a person get with a criminal justice bachelor degree as a felon

McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Fast food jobs

A felon in Indianapolis will mostly find retail and food service jobs. Some places that will hire a felon include Applebee's, Golden Corral, Goodwill, Dunkin' Donuts, IHOP and Olive Garden.

There are quite a number of jobs that are open to a convicted felon. Some of them include online freelance jobs, construction, offshore drilling, telemarketing, translator, delivery guy and so many more.

A convicted felon can become an architect. Felons are prohibited from working in many different government jobs and voting.

Certainly. However, a felon would be barred from most jobs in the criminal justice field as a consequence of a felony conviction.

Were not getting any but hard labor low pay

I would think so, you're a felon...

Yes. Despite popular perception, felons can legally work at most jobs.

No. Being a convicted felon is not evidence of being a responsible member of society. Criminals often have to take whatever jobs they can get in life. C'est la vie!

A convicted felon should not run an apartment complex. They should work jobs where they are not in control of a lot of people, especially when others safety is involved.

In Chicago - Roosevelt Univ. helps ex-offenders find jobs that won't halt your application process due to your prior record.

Manual labor jobs like construction, plumbing, maintenance.

mcdonals but i warnd you because not many people want the same order they change opinions :)

The affend employment services in Washington offers convicted felons jobs.

The felon can get some related jobs similar to the field; however, felons are not capable of being law enforcement officers as regulated by federal law.

Certain construction...depending on your crime. All you really have to do is look for a job and eventually someone will cut you a break.

A person who has been convicted as a felon in the US cannot qualify to be a corrections officer. As the world works, however, there are thousands of cases where correction officers have committed felonies and have lost heir jobs, even perhaps pensions.

No, because it is a government job. It requires a background check, and since it requires a background check, a felon applying for a position as a criminal investigator, the felon would undergo a background check, and therefore, the felon would fail the background check automatically and the felon would not get hired. So NO!!! The felon would not get hired. The US does not offer government jobs to criminals.Added: In addition there is the very real and practical matter of the ex-felon investigator testifying to his findings against a defendant in court. The defense attorney would simply disclose the felon-investigators background to the jury and then proceed to 'tear up' the investigators reputation by sowing doubt in the jury's mind as to the investigators honesty and truthfulness

how can i get a grant as a felon?

A habitual felon is someone with repeated felon, be careful OK!

The answer depends on if the person you are marrying has any past debts such as child support and etc... Due to the fact that they are a convicted felon with the new laws and all convicted felons can not really get too much. From my experience marrying a convicted felon effects you mentally. I hope I was able to answer your question. Be blessed

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