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u gotto be 18 or 17 i guess but trust me its a hard joob!!!!

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What are the best options for high school student jobs?

The best options for high school student jobs are any jobs that offer flexibility that will not interfere with your schooling or extra-curricular activities. Many fast food restaurants offer flexibil hours, though they offer relatively low pay. If you are a high school student searching for a summer job then you should search for a job that fits your strengths, such as manual labor jobs if you are physically fit and enjoy working up a sweat.

Do high school jobs affect high school grades?

yes it don because there are students that work partn time and go full time high school student and it effects us mentally and physically

What is the percent of high school students who have jobs?

about 15%, try this link:

What are some good types of high school student jobs?

High school students don't have many skills, so low-skill jobs like maintenace workers, fast food, and babysitting work best for this age group.

How many high school graduates go to college if they work for a year first?

Not all high school student go to college because it costs a lot. Lots of jobs accept people who never went to high school ever.

What year did Steve Jobs graduate from high school?

Steve jobs graduated high-school in 1987

Where can I find school jobs in NJ?

School jobs in NJ can be found at Jackson Memorial High School, Jackson Liberty High School, Dumont High School, Glen Rock High School and Christa McAuliffe Middle School.

High school graduate jobs?

Jobs that don't require a college/university degree and you can do straight out of high school?

What are some good part time jobs for a high school student?

Some good part time jobs for a high school student would be found at most fast food restaurants, grocery stores that use baggers, and some full service restaurants. Hospitals and nursing homes hire teens in their food service departments.

What kind of summer jobs did you have as a high school student?

Summer jobs are a great way to boost your teens income when he has time away from school, I myself worked for the local library year round - the pay was great and they always understood my school schedule and responsibilities. here is a list of the top 10 jobs

Where did Steve Jobs graduate from high school?

Steve jobs graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertine, California in 1972.

Where can I get more information about purchasing management jobs for high school student interns.?

Amgen, one of the leading medical equipment developers and manufacturers, offers purchasing management jobs and internships for high school students. Other companies, including Gemzyne also offer opportunities.

What companies offer high school student jobs?

Retail and Quick Service companies are two of the popular companies that hires high school students. Some of the positions and hours are limited so you will not make a lot of money.

What high school did Steve Jobs go to?

Steve Jobs went to two different high schools. He first went to Cupertino Junior High School. He then transferred and went to Homestead High School in 1972.

What high school did Steve jobs atend?

Homestead High School in Capertino, California.

What school or college did Steve Jobs go to?

Steve Jobs attended the following schools:Cupertino Junior High SchoolHomestead High SchoolReed College

Where did Steve Jobs attend high school?


What are some common jobs for high school students?

The most common jobs for high school students are available in several different industries. For example, high school students could work in retail, restaurants, or even in grocery stores. Link:

What jobs only require a high school diploma?

There are many jobs that only require a high school diploma or less than that. These jobs usually include fast food.

In the US what percentage of high school students have jobs?

=1.564% of high school students work. On Average.=

What are some jobs that a high school student can do during summer?

Depends on your specialty, you can always easily find part time jobs at restaurants, such as McDonald's or Burger King. If you are interested in hospitality, a summer job in a hotel will be what you are looking for.

Are animal science jobs something that require additional school beyond high school?

Yes there are animal science jobs that require additional school beyond high school. Some animal science jobs require you to have a college degree to be able to qualify for the job.

What year did Steve Jobs graduate high school?

He graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino California in 1972.

What high school did steven jobs go to? "Jobs attended Cupertino Junior High School and Homestead High School in Cupertino, California,[12] and frequented after-school lectures at the Hewlett-Packard Company in Palo Alto, California."

Are after school jobs helpful or harmful for middle and high school students?

After school jobs for middle and high school students is harmful because those students who work don't get enough sleep, don't concentrate in school, get bad grades, don't do homework or other assignments, and they don't do well on tests. This students should be thinking about college or what they want to do when they grow up. Especially high school students. That is why after school jobs are harmful to middle and high school students

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