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Q: What jobs could you work at being eighteen without a diploma?
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can my 18 yr old son get into any of the military without his high school diploma or can he get it while he is in?

Getting into the military without a diploma depends on which branch your son is interested in. For instance, the Navy he could not, but the Army he could join without a diploma.

If a girl under the age of eighteen was pregnant in North Carolina could she get emancipated without her parents comsent?

you she can you she can

If you are seventeen could you leave and live with your boyfriend who is eighteen without being emancipated?

{| |- | If your parents give permision, otherwise, no, you certainly cannot. You must be an adult to decide where you wish to live. Until your reach the age of majority your parents are responsible for you, including where you live. |}

How Can I get into film school at 33 if my online HS diploma is not accredited and I have never been to college?

Ask the college you want to go to. Most community colleges do allow people to attend without a high school diploma. You could take the GED and get your high school diploma. Your unaccredited high school diploma isn't worth much.

What does the medical abbreviation dffp mean?

It could stand for Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning, but without context clues it can be hard to say for certain.

How do you get tiamo on moshi monsters without being a member?

You cant get tiamo without being a member. How could you think that?

Why does the school system say eighteen?

It would depend on what the school system is talking about when it says eighteen. There could be eighteen school buildings in there district. They could be discussing the earliest age at which one is allowed to vote. They may have had an average of eighteen absences per day, per school, so far this year...

Does a pediatrician have to graduate from high school?

No, but he/she does have to have a GED if they do not have a diploma. They could be home schooled and receive a diploma that way.

Should the oldest from one family date the youngest?

Well its entirely normal. I mean, the oldest in one family could be eighteen. The youngest in another could also be eighteen.

What is your opinion on online Jefferson High School diploma?

Yes and no, it doesn't say it offers a GED it says it gives you a diploma. The catch is is doesn't say what its a diploma to, therefore they can say that. I could say you get could a diploma from me and it would be legit, the reason is becasue it doesn't mean anything it dont say what its a diploma to.... Its not a GED but its a diploma for doing nothing other than giving 200 bucks to a trick. dont buy!

You are under eighteen and need a job what can you do?

It could be time to further your education.

Can a business find out if you have a high school diploma?

Yes, they tend to look at your attendance the most, but also look at your grades. Without a high school diploma they probably will not want to hire you, as the market today is high demanding for well educated employees.