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He was a pianist, 1769 Concert director for Archbishop of Salzburg 1774 to mid-1777 Concert master 1778 Superior court post 1781 Kicked out of job 1782 Music teacher 1787 Chamber musician

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Q: What jobs did Wolfgang Mozart have?
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What jobs did wolfgang amadeus Mozart have early in his career?

He was a Pimp.

What jobs did Mozart have during his life?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer, performer and a conductor his entire life.

What was wolfgang Mozart famose for?

what was Wolfgang Mozart famous for

What was the first name of Mozart?

His first name was Wolfgang. His full name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Wolfgang Armedausthe first name Wolfgang and "Wolfgang"His first name was Wolfgang His whole name was Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Wolfgang

What were Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart children's names?

Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart and Karl Thomas Mozart

Wolfgang amadeus were the forename of which famous composer?

Mozart ... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Where was wolfgang amdeus Mozart from?

Wolfgang Amdeus Mozart was born in Wien / Austria!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart nationality?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was Austrian. (From Austria)

How tall is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is 5' 4".

Who is wolfgang amedeus Mozart?

Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart was a musician who played 600 centros

In what country was Wolfgang Mozart a citizen?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a citizen of Salzburg, Austria

When was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756.

The relationship between Maria Anna Mozart and Wolfgang Amudeus Mozart?

Maria Anna Mozart is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's mother.

What was Wolf gang Mozart?

It was his name Wolfgang Mozart

Was Mozart black?

No. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was Caucasian.

How do you draw Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart easily?


What was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart job?

Mozart was a composer.

Was Constanze Mozart related to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Constanze Mozart was his wife...

What year did wolfgang Mozart die?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in the fifth of December 1791 an 1:00 AM

When was Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart born?

Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart was born on July 26, 1791.

How did wolfgang amedeus Mozart die?

Mozart died of fever.

Who did Wolfgang Mozart work for when he was a child?

Leopold Mozart, who was his father.

Who is wolfgang amadeus Mozart father?

His father was Leopold Mozart

Who was wolfgang Mozart married to?

Mozart married Constance Weber

Who is mozart's dad?

Leopold Mozart was the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the greater Mozart.