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It depends to what country you are referring to.

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Q: What jobs did rich people have in 1600?
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What did rich people do in the 1600's do for enetainment?

They Danced.

What jobs do rich people have in Egypt?

the rich people in ancient Egypt had jobs as farmers and priests

Without rich people their would be no jobs for any one?

Not necessarily. A lot of people that provide jobs are not very rich. A lot of jobs do not depend on there being rich people. Some rich people do help in creating jobs through employing people and in the way they spend their money.

In 1600 what kind of jobs did people in the southern colinies have?


Was the rich really rich in the 1600?

Yes they were

What were wealthy jobs in the 1600's in London?

being in court or a business person would earn you alot of money and you would be very rich

What jobs did people who were rich get in the 1500s?

People who were rich in the 1500s did not have jobs. Some were bankers and loaned money, but most were landowners - and thus nobles - and paid people to work for them.

What sort of people went to the globe theatre in the 1600's?

poor and rich people went to the Globe theatre.

Did women get education in the 1600's?

The only people to get education were the people with the most money(a.k.a the rich got educated)

What jobs did rich people do in the middle ages?

watch the servants as they worked and had jobs as knights,Barons and lords.

Did poor people and rich people have separate jobs and were they separated or classed in ancient rome?

Yes, the poor people would work for or be slaves for the rich, the poor people were the plebeians and the rich were called the patricians; the equestrians was another of the classes.

What jobs were in colonial New York?

Farming in rich soil Blacksmiths Cash Crops Fur trapping and trading Shipbuilders Subsistance farming /> farmer.