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From WW2 up until the end of the Vietnam War, military women were primarily nurses and administrative personnel. Just under 1,000,000 women worked in the armed forces.

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Were women in the army during world war 2?

300,000 women served in World War 2 in both the military, the Red Cross, the USO, and in civilian jobs. Most of them were in the military.

What two jobs did the women do in World War 2?

Women did way more than two jobs during WWII. They did all the housework, the jobs usually held by men and also military work.

What role did women play in America during World War 2?

The filled the jobs men left to serve in the military

What military jobs did women do in world war 1?

nurses and spies

What non military jobs did African-Americans do in the US military during World War 2?

ALL jobs in the US military are military positions, be it war or peace. There are NO non-military jobs in the military

What jobs did African-Americans do in the US military during World War I?

I dont know this answer, but I do know that the jobs during World War 2 more African Americans did. They had more freedom to where they could get jobs in the military. But the World War 1 part I do not know..Sorry

What jobs do women have in the military?

Women had to build ammunition for the Americans.

What jobs did women in the military have in World War 2?

A lot of women took jobs in factories, making planes and other war materials. Most of the jobs that were occupied by men before the war were filled by women. This was the beginning of the "revolution" of women into the workforce.

How many US women fought in world war you?

300,000 US women joined up in the military branches of the US Forces but NOT TO FIGHT in combat. They did clerical jobs, nursing, flying planes and other terrific jobs in the military then.

During World War 2 which women got paid?

Women who worked for the U.S. military (as nurses, clerks, typists, and sometimes pilots and other less-common jobs) were paid by the government. Women who worked in "regular" jobs, often to replace men who were at war, were paid by the companies they worked for.

What jobs did women in Britain do during World War I?

i think they worked in factories

What are three jobs that women did during the world war 1?

1. Medic

What were the effects on women during World War 2?

When World War 2 began and the men went to war, the women in the United States replaced the men in terms of jobs. They were used primarily in military production factories such as tank and airplane facilities.

What percentage of women work during war world 2?

During world war 2, there were about 25 % to 30 % of women who worked outside the house at paying jobs. More married women, more mothers, and more minority women found jobs than had before the war.

What jobs were there in World War I?

Most of the men were employed as soldiers or in other capacities in the military forces during the war. Women on the other hand were called upon to take up the jobs vacated by the men in the industries to continue production.

How long did women keep the men jobs during World War 1?


What were the roles of women before and during world war 2?

The roles BEFORE World War II were being a housewife & during World War II women took over factories and other jobs. that's why women have jobs now. Before World War II they didn't work outside of the house.

What jobs did women find during World War 2 that were a break from traditional women's roles?

jobs in heavy industry

Why did women do men's jobs during World War I and World War 2?

Because millions of the men who normally did those jobs were in the Army and Navy.

What jobs did women and blacks do during World War 2?

Women and black men did many jobs during the war that had previously been done only by white men. After the war, some were able to keep their new jobs, and many were not.

What were the jobs that women had to do during World War 2?

In the war two things that women did were farmers and worked in large factories.

Why did women work during world war 1?

Because most of the men were at the front. The jobs they left were filled by women.

Why did women do men's jobs during World War 1 and World War 2?

the men werent there at the time

Name 2 jobs that women did during the war?

During World War 2 many women entered the work force for the first time. Many male only occupation, industry and farming in particular welcomed these replenishment of the workforce. Factory work, as well as serving in the military were new frontiers for women.

What ad encouraged women to work factory jobs during World War 2?

Jobs that were hard like bome making

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