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Q: What jobs do Kuwait have?
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Where can one find a listing of jobs available in Kuwait?

Certain websites like Bayt and GulfTalent can help one find jobs specifically in Kuwait. A more international and well known website like Indeed, can also provide a list of jobs in the Kuwait area.

What types of jobs do people have in Kuwait?

Kuwait offers many, many jobs, just like other countries you may know of. They could be economically named as one of the richest countries in the world, so they can offer many jobs. There are machinists, merchandisers, and mostly the same jobs as you would think of, like in the US. There is mainly the same kind of jobs like store managers, electricians, BPM or Business Processing Management. Think of jobs you already know of, and Kuwait will probably have the same.

What are some major jobs in Kuwait?

some of the major jobs are manufacturing and also agriculture. but the major job is exporting oil.

What is the procedure for overseas dentists to practice in Kuwait?

The procedure for the overseas dentist to practice in Kuwait is that they should obtain a license from the Kuwait Dentist Board. Once they have been cleared by the Kuwait Dentist Board they can begin to practice.

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What are the highest paying jobs in Arab world?

Of course, the Gulf Countries, Saudi arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.

What is the capitol for Kuwait?

Kuwait capital city is Kuwait beause its a small country:D Re:Actually you are wrong. The capital is Kuwait city.

Is the capital city of Kuwait called Tehran Baghdad or Kuwait?

The capital city of Kuwait is Kuwait City

What is the cappitol of Kuwait?

The capital of Kuwait is "Kuwait City".

What was the country of Kuwait called before it was Kuwait?

Before Kuwait was called Kuwait it was called kout

Who produces more oil Iraq or Kuwait?


Where is Kuwait 00965?

Kuwait 00965 is located in Kuwait city.