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Stone Age people were thought to be small nomadic family groups that spent most of the daylight hours in hunting and gathering food for the family group. Getting a job was very, very far into the future.

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They were stone age cavemen.

in the old stone age they all had the same jobs and in the new stone age they did. ex: hunters , farmers, people who make jewelry.the new stone age is really where civilization started.

Farming was the main job in the Stone Age. Trading was also done.

how people trade in the old stone age

what were the jobs of the patriarch from the stone age

When Stone Age people died,people carried on with their

The stone age was followed by the bronze age.

Not like we hold jobs today, but people did have their 'roles' within their 'communities' or clans. Some hunted and gathered, others cooked. It was primitive but perhaps comparable.

people wore animal skin in the stone age

Yes, they were made out of stone, that was why it was called the stone age.

The people of the old stone age hunted and farmed.

Mostly other old stone age people.

the stone age people dressed in animal skins and hides

People call it the Stone Age because of the about of stone tools at the time.

Well, I sincerely doubt the stone age was alive, but stone age people lived on all of them except for Antarctica.

In the stone age, people made tools out of stone. In the bronze age, people made tools out of bronze. And guess what? In the iron age, they made them out of iron!

The stone age people were the people who lived in the stone age. They were hunter-gathers, and hunted or gathered all their food. They wore clothes made of animal skins.

New Stone Age was known as Neolithic People . Old Stone Age People were known as Paleolithic people .

People in the Stone Age had no money. They made everything themselves.

Children didn't have jobs. There were no "jobs". Civilization didn't exist and the people gathered and hunted for food. People didn't live very long in life at this time in history and many children died early.

The type of jobs men had during the Old Stone Age were that they had to build homes for their families, they had make weapons using only two rocks, and they had to make shelter.

The Stone Age was when many people started using tools created from stone

Stone Age people lived largely in caves, or other natural stone shelters.

the stone age is important because the stone age help some of the people that don't have any money

Not many people live long in the stone age. There were not doctors back in the stone age.