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they just sit, okay? sit down and watch people die. thank you.

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Jobs in 1912?

Jobs on boats such as Captains and crew workers

What jobs are minimum wage?

Many entry level jobs are minimum wage. These jobs are fast food workers, janitors, and care workers in nursing homes.

How many workers has Obama helped get their jobs back?

after his amnesty plan he helped 1.76 millionworkers get their jobs back

How does telecommunications technology helps workers do their jobs more efficiently?

explain how telecommunications technology helps workers do their jobs more efficiently?

What jobs did in Medieval Times?

Many but mostly mine workers and factory workers

State law for ems workers?

If the workers are driving to an emergency with their lights on, they have the right of way. You can get a ticket if you do not get out of their way.

What jobs did immigrants have?

Immigrants had jobs that were Factory Workers, Shop Assistants and Cleaners.

What are some jobs in lesotho?

banana workers

What jobs are in Iraq?

A lot of construction workers

What the most dangerous jobs?

Factory Workers

What jobs are in the favelas?

There are many jobs that people in the favelas do: - factory workers - polishing shoes - washing cars at traffic lights (and hoping to be paid!) - construction workers - bus drivers - restaurant workers

List of jobs that hire with worker permits?

What jobs hire people with a workers permit?

What are the main jobs in the Philippines?

construction workers, market dealers, and jobs working with the economy.

How does the telecommunications technology help workers do their jobs more efficiently?

In 3-5 sentences, explain how telecommunications technology helps workers do their jobs more efficiently.

Which emergency service workers did the television show Baywatch focus on?


What are the main jobs in Madagascar?

Most people are either factory workers or construction workers, as Madagascar is constantly growing. But, Madagascar's occupations are mostly the same as the jobs in the US(banking, store workers, athletes, ect..).

The luddites were a group of british workers workers who destroyed factory machinery to protest?

A loss of jobs

Where do migrant workers move?

Migrant workers move to wherever there are low-skilled jobs available.

How were migrant workers affected on their family lives?

All workers family lives are affected by their jobs.

Where is a Jobs in satanta?

Jobs in Satanta, Kansas can vary as new jobs open and open jobs are filled. The most common occupations in Satanta, Kansas include agriculture workers, truck drivers, sales workers, and mobile equipment mechanics and installers.

Why did migrant workers head to California?

In search of jobs.

How did American workers find their latest jobs?


Lower class jobs?

waiters and construction workers

What jobs did Sumer have?

artisan merchant workers constrution

Why did migrant workers go to California?

In search of jobs.

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