What jobs have a annual income of 60000?

Income has a lot to do with what you do, where you are, and how well you do it. This ties in with experience and education. Trade jobs can easily pay 60k a year in an average US metropolitan area, if you have your own business. These could be plumbers, electricians, AC repair, etc. You'll likely work for someone to build your skillset and you may start off in some sort of trade school to get you there. In the service industry, if you're in a big city, you could easily pull down 60k as a bartender or waiter in a nice restaurant, bar, club, etc. If you're willing to get experience as well as a 2 year degree, you have a lot of options for professional skills jobs. Information Technology and the computer industry pays 60k easily for someone who knows how to setup and maintain servers, networks, etc. A 2 year degree in Nursing could get you well over 60k starting. If you go the 4 yr route, you have a lot of options. Most college grads start off with a low income because they have no practical work experience. Unlike trade schools, 4 year degrees typically don't teach hands-on, real world skills unless you major in something that has specific applications like accounting or engineering. Once out of a 4 yr degree, you do have the option of getting a post graduate degree like an MBA, law degree, medical degree, or other masters or Phd. Depending what you choose, you could make 60k, 100K+, or 20k if you get a Phd in something like French poetry or painting.