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With a teaching certificate you can do a variety of jobs both in a school system and outside. You can work as a tutor (either private or center based). You could work as a resource teacher within the school setting. You could be an admistrator with some extra courses and experience.

You can become a para professional. They help students with special needs within the classroom. Many of these students function well, but need extra assistance.

You can also follow a career in Instructional Design, Faciltation, Assessor and Moderator. You can move in a retail , financial etc sector with these skills.

Many people don't know about this opportunity but there are thousands of schools, public and private, around the world looking for native English speakers to teach at all levels. If you have a teaching degree you might even land, or work into, a supervisory or management position in such a school. Many of these schools, especially in Asia, will even pay your travel expenses and provide living quarters, in addition to your salary. You can travel the world teaching or stay in one place, as you desire.

If interested look for Teaching English as a Second Language or Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You can contact schools directly or through an agent. I know that many countries in Asia, China, Thailand, Japan, and Korea especially, have a big demand for these teachers.

I recently taught a year in China and loved it!

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Q: What jobs other than teaching can you get with a teaching degree?
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What other jobs are there in the education department other than teaching?

There are many other jobs in the education department other than teaching such as a head teacher, a school administrator, school psychologist and non-teaching school based jobs. A person can also work in public service in the education department.

What jobs other than teaching can a person with a masters of arts in teaching acquire?

You can get any job with any corporation as long as you have a masters degree. Corporations will normally take anyone with a masters, even WITHOUT experience. Some corporations require that you have a bachelor's degree, but with a little experience. Degrees are knowledge, and knowledge is MONEY! They win, you win.

What jobs can you get with a master's degree in philosophy?

Honestly, teaching. You could teach up to high school level or assist @ the University level, you could also teach at a community college. Other than that though there are tons of jobs you could do, but they are so varied its hard to be specific. With a degree in philosophy it may not be what you know, but who you know...

Is it difficult to get a job other than teaching with a Geography degree?

I suggest you go to graduate school and get an MBA.

How much education is needed to be a teacher?

The amount of education required to be a teacher varies with the type of teaching and the location. On average, a teacher must have at least a Bachelor's degree. Some states allow a teacher to have a degree in something other than teaching.

What type of jobs can you get with the bachlors degree in arts and photography other than a photographer job?

nothing with kids

Can you hire a person to homeschool children?

You need to have a teaching degree to teach children other than your own... At least that is the law in Canada.

What jobs can you get as a felon with a degree?

It depends on the nature of the felony, the degree and the sort of job you are looking for. If for instance your degree is in teaching and your felony involved molesting children look for something other than teaching. Same things holds true for the person who has a BA in accounting but was taking money from his employer to feed a gambling habit. The felony will severely restrict what you can do, what you'll be allowed to do. Just be honest on your applications cause they'll catch you if they do a background check. But, if anything like the examples I noted above apply to you, you'll need to rethink your career options.

How long does it take to get a bachelor's degree in teaching if you already have a bachelor's degree in marketing?

It depends on the university or college you are going to attend. Many of your prerequisites should be completed but you would need to make sure that the prerequisites from your teaching degree transfer if the college or university you are planning on attending to get a degree in marketing is different than the college you attended to get your degree in teaching. More than likely (and I am speaking from similar experience) it will take you two to three years to complete the bachelor's degree in marketing, provided that all of the prerequisites from your first degree transfer.

What other jobs did Salvador Dali do other than painting?

No other jobs.

What kind of jobs can you get with a communications degree?

More than one More than one

What types of teaching jobs are available other than the traditional classroom teacher?

You can work at a daycare- as a tutor, work in special ed. There are tons of different options for teachers!

What other jobs can a person with a bachelor of science in elementary education perform other than teaching?

I am in the same boat... I personally have not found anything that is comprable pay for your bs. bs in el ed is all to specific to teaching. good luck.... I wish I had a better answer, but I need one too!

What job can you get with a master's degree?

That is the most broad question ever. You can get very good jobs without one but some employers prefer one. Start looking at classified ads to see what different employers requirements are! I just wanted to add my thoughts to the answer before mine. Although this question is the most broad question ever, I am finding myself asking this same exact question??? How does one go about figuring out what jobs he or she might be qualified for with a master's degree of any kind? How does one know what else they might be qualified for when they cannot find any work in their own professional field? Although this does seem to be an odd question I find myself asking that same question again and again because I cannot find any jobs in my own field and what little is available is by far lower paying than someone with my degree should be able to make. My question is what jobs can I get with a master's degree in elementary education? In other words, besides teaching in a school, what other jobs can I possibly get with this degree? I'm an educated person and I have a degree that is higher than most. I have a permanent teaching license and I also graduated with honors. I spent 16 years teaching in one way or another, mostly substituting, leave replacements, and teaching preschool for ten years, but i managed to obtain a permanent teaching job in a public school because I it is very difficult to find teaching jobs in NY and specifically on Long Island because there is always someone who has a connection, there is always someone who is more confident, and there are so few teaching jobs available. So I do understand the above question, although it sounds like an odd question because of course we are all qualified for the profession that we have a master's degree in. But when there is no jobs in your own professional field, what other jobs can any of us with a master's degree possibly get? For me, I know that I'm a good writer, a good editor and I'm skilled at teaching, but I can't find a job teaching and the few options I have is to sub for very low pay or teach in a preschool which is extremely low pay for lots of at home work and a few exhausting hours per day in a classroom with 3 and 4 year old children. Adorable, colorful, and lovable as children are, after ten years, you burn out from working with those little ones, especially when the salary isn't enough to support one person, let alone a family. I want to write, edit, or do something that is connected to writing in some way but I am open to trying to work in other fields too. I have no clue what I might be able to do or where to start or where to go. I also don't know if my degree qualifies me for any other jobs besides the obvious jobs teaching or jobs connected to education. A few years ago I knew that I wanted to move away from the teaching field, mostly because after many years of working as a teacher of one sort or another, I had become more and more discouraged and I had begun to give up hope that I would ever have a real teaching job and earn a decent I lost a lot of my enthusiasm and now I just want to find any job that will help me to support my family and have some kind of future but I just don't know where to begin. I worked so hard for so long to get my masters degree and I have nothing at all to show for it aside of knowledge. I would love to find a good job in a different field but where do I start? I know that I love writing and I'm good at it. I also feel confident that I'm good at editing and I can see myself doing something in the field of journalism or writing of some kind. But where does an unemployed teacher with a master's degree in education find a job in a different field?? Wow that was long and I would very much appreciate ideas from anyone who is kind enough to read my long entry!

Is it hard to get a Bachelor's degree in business?

Business degrees are typically very easy to obtain compared to other degrees. Most business students have much more free time than other majors, and a business degree is very beneficial to have. Many jobs may be obtained with a business degree.

What can a teacher do other than teaching?

they can tutor

How does one become a professional teacher?

The minimum educational requirement for a college or university professor is a master's degree in the subject area they are teaching, with a doctorate preferred. Other than that, and outside of some specialties, there are no other certifications required.

Where can I possibly find tefl teaching jobs?

Check out the Canada English Center. They will have a list of TEFL jobs and can find one for you quickly. More than fifty percent of these jobs can be found in Mexico.

What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in education?

Most degrees of this type are in tandem with a field of study in preparation for a teaching career. For example, a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science with teacher certification (to teach Social Studies), or a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. These degrees prepare people to enter the teaching field. Other possibilities are: Get your masters in a special area qualifying you to teach reading as a specialist, special ed., administration. Keep taking classes and possibly teach college. Many affluent parents look for a nanny to care for just their children and often require a masters degree. You could work for text book companies. Teaching skills are very transferable into many businesses. Training is always needed for just about everything and who better to do this than a teacher.

What are the best jobs to have without a degree?

There are more ways to get to the top of your career than by getting a college degree, you can go for a lower down position and get promotions until you become a manager. Of course most jobs now are very competitive and for a lot of even simple jobs, you may need a degree to stand out.

What course can you do after diploma in computer engineering other than degree?

what course can i do other than degree after completing diploma in computer engineering

Are there other jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree in early child dev other than teaching such as social worker etc?

Another interesting field (to me) in early childhood development is occupational therapy and Sensory Integration. These require that you look at the descrepancies in the child's ability to learn and devise training that improves fine and gross motor skills, sequencing and so on. This would probably require additional courses and/or a shift in your major.

Will a regionally accredited degree limit you to working in that region?

If you are going to be applying for the type of jobs that would actually bother to check on the accreditation of your college, than yes, it will limit you. Other than that, no, it will not.

What is ones advantages with an associates online degree?

"An associates degree online provides more flexibility than a traditional classroom setting degree, and the degree allows more opportunities for higher-paying jobs."

What degree is best for coaching football?

Get a degree in whatever you want, you can always find a way to coach at the High school or youth levels. At the college level and beyond, they just want any degree, they don't necessarily think one is better than the other. I would say that a teaching degree is probably the most convenient given the scheduling availability.