What jobs other than teaching can you get with a teaching degree?

With a teaching certificate you can do a variety of jobs both in a school system and outside. You can work as a tutor (either private or center based). You could work as a resource teacher within the school setting. You could be an admistrator with some extra courses and experience.

You can become a para professional. They help students with special needs within the classroom. Many of these students function well, but need extra assistance.

You can also follow a career in Instructional Design, Faciltation, Assessor and Moderator. You can move in a retail , financial etc sector with these skills.

Many people don't know about this opportunity but there are thousands of schools, public and private, around the world looking for native English speakers to teach at all levels. If you have a teaching degree you might even land, or work into, a supervisory or management position in such a school. Many of these schools, especially in Asia, will even pay your travel expenses and provide living quarters, in addition to your salary. You can travel the world teaching or stay in one place, as you desire.

If interested look for Teaching English as a Second Language or Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You can contact schools directly or through an agent. I know that many countries in Asia, China, Thailand, Japan, and Korea especially, have a big demand for these teachers.

I recently taught a year in China and loved it!