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What jobs pay over 400000 dollars per year?

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basically anything involving specialization in medical for example, neurosurgeon, cardiologist etc. Other fields can too, but medical fields are the most fool proof

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a stock broker can make up to 700,000 dollars a year

Most of those jobs are in engineering, finance and the sciences.

Many jobs make over 100,000 dollars a year. IT jobs, some doctor jobs, management jobs, executive chef jobs. Also models, actors, artists and plant managers. Owning your own business also gives you the freedom to make over 100,000 a year.

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CEO of major corporations. . . such as Wells Fargo, GM, Martha Stewart, etc. . .

Tech teacher $250 million dollars a year.

An IT executive in Australia can make over 500,000.00 per year. Other jobs that pay over 500,000.00 per year include an Actuary, Actor, and architect.

Depends on the job. Not all jobs are paid by the hour. Most jobs like McDonald's pay by the hour and that is minimum wage. A professional job will pay an annual salary that is paid out over the year.

Teachers Dentists Doctors Nurses Fire Fighters Chiropractors (Help with back problems...ext) vet

The engineering jobs that pay over 100k a year would be mechanical and technical engineering. There are also many different jobs, but they do not offer the same payout.

jobs that pay $100,000 a year

Very few jobs will give you a billion dollars a year. Broadly speaking, I would describe such a lucrative position as "business tycoon".

Ask around town for jobs...? Assist older people with house work and chores.

An anaestheologist makes over 200 thousand dollars a year. An anaestheologist makes over 200 thousand dollars a year.

A pediatrician get $60000 up to $400000 a year.

Printing press operator at the US Mint.

A television reporter's income will mainly depend on the area they are working it. For example, a job in Miami, Florida can earn you anywhere from twenty five thousand to over one hundred thousand dollars a year. Where a job in Los Angeles can pay over two hundred thousand dollars a year.

around three thousand or under woman are earning over 100000 dollars per year.

Patient care technician jobs can pay anywhere from 2000 dollars to 50000 dollars a year depending on you specific qualifications and the company/employer you are going through.

Any full time hourly job that pays over $12. 00 per hour will equal 24,000 dollars a year. If the job has a two week paid vacation the hourly rate only needs to be 11. 54 dollars per hour.

Over 65 percent of Americans earn over 65000 dollars per year. Most households in America are in this bracket of income.

Over 100,000 dollars a year!

Bill Gates, co-founder of MicroSoft

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