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What jobs pay the most in the medical field?

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This greatly varies depending on the conditions under which you are working under (where you work, who you work for, etc.). Surgeons, particularly neurosurgeons, are often believed to have the highest paying jobs. Orthopedic surgeons are high, and cardiac surgeons have extremely high pay as well. These all make around $450,000 annually, on average (can be over $600,000 for spine surgeons). However, surgeons of all types and specialties are among the (if not the top) highest paid careers in the medical world. They also are always on-call (meaning that if there is an emergency they have to go to the hospital immediately), usually, and work long hours, often 60-80 hours a week, compared to the normal work-week of 40 hours. Oncologists treat cancer. Depedending on the type of cancer treated, their pay can be more or less than a surgeon. Radiation oncologists treat solid tumors through radiation make over $525,000, on average. Hematology-oncologists treat cancers of the blood; they make around $450,000 a year. Radiologists are another high-paying medical field. They use the medical imaging technology to diagnose and/or treat medical 'issues'. Diagnostic radiologists make over $470,000 yearly, while those who can perform certain procedures on patients can make over $25,000 more than that. Information from:

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What are home based jobs in the medical field?

Some home based jobs in the medical field are medical transcription. Some medical coding is done at home and medical billing can also be done at home. There are a lot of jobs available and the pay is pretty good.

What are good medical field jobs with a good pay and that are easy?

i think you should go to rugters

What is a good paying job that doesn't involve the medical field?

Most jobs requiring trade skills or a trade qualification/apprenticeship pay quite well.

Do jobs in St. Louis pay well at all or what?

St. Louis jobs pay rates are comparable to most other states. The pay you get will depend on the job you want, your education level and your experience in that field.

What are the highest paying security jobs in the United States?

High paying security jobs are available for those with high levels of training, specifically former special forces. Private security for government officials, corporations, and rare artifacts pay the most. government security jobs Medical field

What are some jobs that you should consider?

Anything in the medical field. Although it's hard work and takes a lot of schooling, those jobs are very high in demand, and you're guaranteed good pay!

How much do medical device sales positions pay?

It can be a very well paying job however it's a tough field to get into. There are many websites that specialize in this field. Most notably Gorilla Medical Sales. A professional recruiter founded this site for medical device sales jobs. You can check it out at the Related Link below. Typically, they are very high paying positions. Most medical device sales jobs start out at 100K+ the first year and as you build a territory you can make any where from 150K to 300K+. There is another job board that has over a thousand medical device sales jobs posted in the last 2 months alone. See for yourself at the other Related Link below.

What jobs pay 500k?

Neurosurgeons can easily make over 500k, their base salary is over 350k. Outside of the medical field, a very prosperous entrepreneur or businessman could.

Is IT still a promising field?

Absolutely. The IT business is continually developing as new technologies are created. Note: If you're looking for the most promising field to study, it would be Computer Science. IT jobs are not that promising with regards to pay. Computer Science jobs offer far more pay and opportunity for promotion.

What jobs pay about 40000 a year?

most entry-level jobs

What would I need to have to be able to apply for Medical Coding jobs?

To apply for a medical coding job, you would require a math degree from a university or college, and then get experience working in the medical field. The pay for this type of job may be anywhere from twenty thousand to fifty thousand a year.

What are the easiest jobs that pay the most?


Do virtual jobs pay good in Canada?

"For the most part no. Most virtual jobs pay very little. Many, if not most are just scams that don't pay at all or worse, have you end up paying for them."

What jobs pay over 400000 dollars per year?

basically anything involving specialization in medical for example, neurosurgeon, cardiologist etc. Other fields can too, but medical fields are the most fool proof

What jobs pay you the most in Australia?

Wild Life

What kid jobs pay the most?

Pressure Washing.

Do daycare jobs pay well above minimum wage?

No. Most daycare jobs barely pay the minimum wage. They are extremely underpaid.

Jobs that pay 15 dollars a hour?

Administrative assistants earn that...but, like most jobs, they are paying for knowledge and/or experience in the job duties. If you haven't obtained specific training in the field or do not have the experience, then increases in pay to $15/hour takes time. Some freelance jobs pay more, but you have to factor in that 10% of that goes to your costs for insurance and whatever equipment you need to perform the job.

What does spca pay?

most spca jobs are voluntary which means that there is no pay. you normally have to start out as a volunteer and then get promoted although they sometimes have vet jobs available.

I used to do a few data entry jobs from home but it didn't pay very well. What else can I do from home to make more money?

You can be a medical transcriptionist. These jobs pay quite well and can often be done from home.

What warehouse jobs pay the most?

The best warehouse jobs are the ones that require the hardest physical labor. These can be hard on the worker's body, but they pay well as compensation.

Medical Receptionist Jobs: Pay, Duties, and Employment?

Medical receptionists are employed at hospitals, doctor's offices, and other health care facilities around the world. These receptionists answer incoming calls, schedule and cancel patient appointments, and take messages. Medical receptionists work as a liaison between patients, doctors, and other staff, and are often the first impression that a visitor has of an office.Medical receptionists also file paperwork, enter data into various systems, greet patients and other guests, and answer patient questions. These receptionists must have a professional demeanor and appearance, be friendly and welcoming, and must be excellent written and oral communicators. Medical receptionist jobs are often very hectic and also require that a professional is able to efficiently multitask and maintain a level head in busy environments.How to Get Medical Receptionist Jobs:Medical receptionist jobs are very coveted positions by those interested in entering the healthcare field. These positions are considered entry level jobs and do not commonly require a college degree. However, there are a number of training programs and schools that offer classes to help potential medical receptionists familiarize themselves with the healthcare industry and be more qualified for one of these positions.Many medical receptionists begin as a receptionist and work their way up into management or other positions. Additionally, a position as a receptionist is great for students that are studying to enter the healthcare field. These positions help both professionals and students become familiar with medical offices and environments, while working a respectable job with steady hours.How Much Do Medical Receptionists Jobs Pay?Medical receptionists jobs vary in pay depending on the facility, the employee's experience, and the employee's medical background. Medical receptionists make, on average, around $11.00 an hour or more. When working full time, this means that a receptionist will earn approximately $22,000 a year. However, receptionists that are newly entering the field can expect to earn anywhere from minimum wage to around $10.00 an hour.Most medical receptionist jobs require employees to work a set schedule and generally do not offer a great deal of overtime. While medical receptionists do not commonly earn high salaries when beginning in the field, these professionals do have the opportunity to advance and increase their earning potential.

What is the starting salary for medical billing and coding?

Check the local job listings, and on sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder. It depends on your area, but I believe most jobs pay $9-$11 an hour to start. If you have a good certification and you got into the big player companies in this field, I'm sure that you can ask for more than that amount.

What line of work is most in demand for Bristol jobs?

The most work in demand for Bristol jobs would be planning jobs. Apparently, the pay is somewhat more competitive than with other Bristol jobs available.

What are three jobs for which merit pay is inappropriate?

Merit pay would be inappropriate for most jobs in the public sector. These include teachers, social workers, and government workers.