What keeps the sun stable?

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The sun is a million miles wide ball of nuclear furnace, in which the outward force of the fusion heat balances the protracted force of its own gravity. Its output of light and heat remain uniformly constant, as well as its ability to maintain a powerful magnetic force seen within storms and patterns on its surface. The most obvious pattern of variation is the 11-year sunspot cycle. However, even this cyclical variation isn't constant; some cycles are very active, while other cycles seem quite below the average.

The massive gravitational force and extreme magnetic force of the sun is held in a state of relative equilibrium by the vast amounts of energy generated by nuclear fusion within the core. The sun operates in an balanced quid pro quod state between the inward gravitational contraction and outward pressure generated by nuclear fusion.

When the hydrogen fuel begins to be exhausted, helium "ash" collecting in the core will temporarily overcome the gravitational contraction and the sun will expand into a red giant. This is expected to begin fairly gradually some time between three and four billion years from now.

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Q: What keeps the sun stable?
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