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A:In Luke's Gospel, Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem once only, for the census under Quirinius. They lived in Nazareth, Galilee and did go the Jerusalem each year for the Passover, but had no reason to go to Bethlehem and are never depicted as doing so.

In Matthew's Gospel, Mary and Joseph already lived in Bethlehem, their home town. They thus had no reason to travel to Bethlehem before the birth of Jesus, but had to flee to Egypt after his birth, for fear of King Herod. Presumably some years later, after word reached them that Herod had died, they began the return journey to their home in Bethlehem but never arrived. On the way, Joseph was warned in a dream of further danger from Herod's son and Successor, Archelaus, so they turned aside and travelled to Galilee, where they settled in a city called Galilee. Although they planned to do so, Joseph and Mary never went to Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus and the flight to Egypt.

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St. Joseph, when he learned that Mary was pregnant and the child was not his, could have divorced her and had nothing more to do with her. After an angel explained the situation to him he kept Mary as his wife and raise Jesus as if he was his own child,

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Luke 2: 13 - 18: The angels appeared to the shepherds (and sheep) and announced the birth of Jesus. They told them that they would find the baby wrapped in cloth in a manger in Bethlehem. After talking among themselves, the shepherds went straight into the city and found the baby and Joseph and Mary, and worshipped him. They then declared to everyone they saw what they had heard and seen. (Legendary accounts indicate these were shepherds of sheep that were kept close to Bethlehem for sacrifice)

Mary was probably born about the year 15 BC. It is difficult to say as the records were not kept like today. And in those days they got married young, infact Mary was only engaged to Joseph when we hear about her first.

As in those days there were no records kept. It is very hard to say when. they got married. But one thing is clear they were both very young then.

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In those ages the records are not kept correctly like today. And as people were mot so educated as well either. So in the bible the age of Mary and the age of Joseph are not at all mentioned clearly at all.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a inns stable where livestock was kept. He was born in a manger lined with straw.

Not many. The Bible says there was no room at the inn so they stayed in a stable where animals were kept.

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At the visitation, Mary promptly responded to the angel's word and travelled through the hill country of Judea to be of service to her cousin Elizabeth for three months. When Mary arrived, Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, greeted her as the mother of the Lord. Mary responded to Elizabeth's greeting with her prayer, the Magnificat (Luke 1.46-55). Her prayer praises the Lord's majesty, celebrates His mercy to the humble and poor of heart, and rejoices in the mission He has chosen for her, as the Mother of God. The birth of Jesus was preceded with a pilgrimage, when Mary traveled with Joseph to Bethlehem. At the moment of His birth, heaven joined earth in praising God, as the angels announced the good news to the shepherds. The shepherds went promptly to pay tribute to the newborn Son. As they announced to Mary what they had seen, Mary "kept all these things, pondering them in her heart." (Luke 2.19)

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A manger is a trough in which hay or animal feed is placed from which farm animals can feed. In Luke's gospel when Jesus was born he was laid in a manger because there was no room in the inn. This led people to believe that he was born in a stable, but there is no concrete proof for this. Stables as such did not exist in those days - animals were usually kept in caves near ouses - or in areas within the house. Therefore Jesus was born in a cave - or in a corner of a room - where animals were kept and laid in a manger in warm hay, because the guest rooms in the inn where Mary and Joseph were staying (on their visit to Bethlehem for a census) were all full up.

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Nobody can really tel as records were not kept like today, also the bible gives conflicting reports of the date.And as Joseph and Mary may not have been educated also to write records down.

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Answer:James brother of Jesus had three mothers , each in Anglicized terms, had the name Mary. The three are Mary of Alphaeus, Mary of Joachim, and Mary of Clopas. In chronological order, Mary of Alphaeus was birth mother, Mary of Joachim was foster/redeemer mother, and Mary of Clopas was step mother.1. Mary of Alphaeus:Mary was the first wife of Alphaeus and was the birth mother of his sons, James and Judas, with Judas being dubbed Joses - as per excerpts from Infancy Gospels such as The History of the Blessed Mary, The Arabic Infancy Gospel, First Infancy Gospel of Joseph the High Priest, etc.She died circa 2 BC.2. Mary of Joachim:The Virgin Mary was the daughter of Joachim and Anna, and was the foster/redeemer mother of James and Judas. During her betrothal time to Joseph, she found James brokenhearted in Joseph's nephew Alphaeus' house after the recent loss of his mother Mary, and so she took care of him.The younger Judas during that time, was probably not weened, and so would have been placed with Joseph's adult children or clan, those who with babies could provide breast milk until he was weened and could join his brother.James and Judas were fostered/redeemed by Joseph and Mary, perhaps in lieu of debts or tax owed by Alphaeus, or he was just unable to provide care for them. James as one of Joseph's sons, is recorded as being enrolled with Joseph, Mary and Jesus, at Bethlehem.History of Joseph the Carpenter; Nativity Gospels.3. Mary of Clopas:Mary of Clopas, was the second wife of Alphaeus and the step-mother of James and Judas, who after sojourning with Joseph and Mary as redeemed sons would have been released to Alphaeus after the sixth year - see Deuteronomy 15:12.She was the daughter-in-law of Clopas. He was the brother of Joseph, and so was the supposed paternal uncle of Jesus Christ, attributed to by the early recorder Hegesippus.Mary was the younger sister of the Virgin Mary. Her sister The Virgin Mary was kept in the care of the temple from age three until betrothal, a custom of the law, where she devoted her life to God, and for solace her parents gave the same name Mary to their second born daughter, who was home with them.Alphaeus was the son of Clopas, and in the following years after he became a widower, married Mary, the second born daughter of Joachim and Anna.This Mary took the name Mary of Clopas, to differentiate in recordings between her sister and Alphaeus' first wife.She is marked in Holy Scripture as mother of James and Joses, the dubbed name of Judas, Mark 15:40, Mark 15:47; and noted as the other Mary, Matthew 28:1 etc.Joses is indentured by translators in place of Justus,(see History of Joseph the Carpenter) in lists pertaining to the kin of Jesus Christ, (see Matthew 13:55,Mark 6:3).Judas dubbed as Joses overrides Justus dubbed as Joses when concerning Mary of Clopas marked at Mark 15:40 and Mark 15:47.

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