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Control + W or ALt + F4

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Q: What key on the keyboard is short for copy?
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What is the short cut for copy?

ctrl + c, is the short key. First you select the part or the file and then use this to copy that which you have selected. A list of common keyboard short cuts is listed in the link below.

What do you do if a key is short of your keyboard?

If your keyboard is missing a key, press the key-less spot very lightly when used, or try to place the key back on, or at best get a new keyboard.

How do you copy and paste on an iMac?

The Edit menu in all Mac applications provide the commands Copy and Paste along with their keyboard shortcuts which are the Command key (cmd) and the C key to Copy or the V key to Paste.

Keyboard shortcut for copy?

CTRL + C for windows. [Apple key] + C mac.

What is the short cut of help on the keyboard?

It is most commonly the "F1" key.

What does Echap mean in french?

The Escape key on a keyboard (short for Echappe)

How does copy using control key on keyboard works?

You hold down CTRL(at bottom left&right of keyboard) and press C.

What is the short cut key for copy any document?


Which short cut key is used to copy a file and folder?


What does each key do on a keyboard?

The keys on a computer keyboard are used to type letters and perform functions such as save for copy and paste. The keys on a musical keyboard are used to produced different notes.

What is a keyboard key called?

A keyboard is a "board" with keys on it. So a keyboard key is called a, "Keyboard key". There is no fancier word for them.

What is sometimes more efficient to use besides keyboard key combinations?

Short Keys

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