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Ctrl + A

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Q: What keyboard buttons do you press to copy everything on the page?
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What keyboard buttons do you press to copy text?

ctrl c

How do you copy more than one line on your keyboard?

press shift, and click the arrow buttons up or down or side

What buttons do you press to copy and paste?

copy: ctrl + C Paste: ctrl + V

The keyboard shortcut for the copy command is?

Hold down Ctrl and press C to copy.

What buttons do i push on my keyboard when i want to select all?

Hold down the control (Ctrl) key, and press the letter 'A' key to select all.Still holding down Ctrl, press 'C' to copy the selected text to the clipboard.

How do you copy and paste with the keyboard?

At first, select the text or something that you want to copy, then press CTRL+C to copy, then press CTRL+V to paste where you want to paste.

How does copy using control key on keyboard works?

You hold down CTRL(at bottom left&right of keyboard) and press C.

What are the keyboard shortcuts for copying files?

Hold down Ctrl and press C to copy and hold Ctrl down again and press V to paste. Ctrl C = copy Ctrl V = paste

How do you copy and paste using your keyboard not the musical one the one you type with?

CTRL+C for Copy (Press and hold CTRL then press C, with the text highlighted)CTRL+V for Paste (Press and hold CTRL then press V, in the new box or window)copy = ctrl C / paste = ctrl V

How do you copy the word on the cheat bar in spore without typing?

use the "up" arrow on the keyboard and press "enter"

What keys on the keyboard do you need to press to copy more than one text or a picture?

ctrl + C will copy highlighted items. ctrl + V will paste.

How do you copy and paste without a mouse?

Get the cursor to where you want it, press and hold shift, move using the directional buttons to select what you want. Once you've selected it all, press Ctrl and C to copy. Then go to where you want to paste it, and press Ctrl and V

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