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Go to Windows button and a log off menu will come on the screen.

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Q: What keys should you press to logoff the computer If you are using Windows 7?
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How do you put MS Windows in safe mode?

You have to restart the computer, before Windows starts press F8 - the best technique is to press F8 repeatedly. You should get a menu including an option to boot in safe mode.

How do you go to MY COMPUTER but with the key board?

Windows key, E, press windows key and hold then E, to open my computer.

How do you get documents off an unactivated windows xp computer?

You restart your computer and press f8 before windows boots.Select "safe mode".Once your in safe mode find or type your username and password.Your docs should be in your user account.

What keys do you press to reformat your computer?

Thankfully there are non that we know of in Windows.

Where to find the rpm?

If you are talking about computer fans, then BIOS should have it. To get to BIOS, you must restart your computer, then before windows starts up (during POST) press 'Del' repeatedly.

What happens when you hold the windows button key and press the e key?

It opens my computer

How do you sync your palm centro with your PC?

Plug the USB side of the cable into the computer. plug the phone side into the phone . press the button on the cable. Windows should recognize it. :)

How do you turn your computer on when in sleep mode?

When in sleep mode the computer should come back on when you move the mose or hit any key on the keyboad. If noting happen then the computer has failed to go into sleep mode properly (MS windows seems to do this) and the only option is to power it of and re-boot.

What button do you use to forward on the computer?

In Windows Mail, hold down Ctrl and press F.

How do you access the Advanced Windows startup option while booting your computer?

Press the F8 key

How do you boot windows 98 in Safe Mode?

you turn the computer off and when u turn it on press Safe mode. you turn the computer off and when u turn it on press Safe mode.

How do you type a peace sign on the computer?

On a windows computer, type the and sign. Then the pound sign. Press the ALt key as you type 9774.