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yes] its predators. which are normally: lions, cheetahs, poachers and if its injured hyenas might attack it.

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How many zebras in the wild?

There are about 1,000 to 3,000 zebras in the wild.

Where do zebras lives?

Zebras are can be a wild animal if they don't belong to a zoo, so zebras live in the wild. Places such as Africa are where zebras live

Are zebras harmless or wild animals?

Zebras are wild animals and when provoked, can be dangerous.

Where do zebras run wild?

Zebras are found in the wild in some parts of Africa, such as Kenya.

Are there zebras in djibouti?

Not wild ones wild

How long do zebras live in the wild?

zebras can live for about 30 years

How do zebras get their drinks in the wild?

Zebras drink in streams,rivers and lakes.

Where are zebras found in the wild?

It seems zebras are found in the wild most often in Africa. Specifically they are found in the region of Sudan.

What do zebras need to survive in the wild?

Zebras are secretly elves that live undercover

What dangers does the zebras face?

zebras face wild animals such as lions and hyenas.

How many zebras are in the wild?

About 660,000

Do zebras live in the wild?


How quaggas can be bred from zebras?

Quaggas are extinct. Breeding horses to zebras or zebras to wild asses will not recreate an extinct species.

What is a zebras natural enemies?

lions, hyenas, cheetahs, and wild dogs.those are zebras enemies

Are there zebras in Greece?

Only in zoos. There are no wild zebras there. They live in parts of Africa.

Do zebras survive wild fires?

Some zebras may be killed in wild fires, but they are capable of evading one given enough warning.

How long is a zebras life?

In the wild, zebras live up to 20 years. Zebras are prey for several predators, such as hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs, and especially lions. In addition, as zebras get older, they become very weak. However, in captivity, zebras live to be approximately 40 years old.

Do zebras give birth in the wild?


How do zebras survive in the wild?

Zebras survive because they are adapted to their habitat and can out run most predators.

What do wild dog's eat?

deers , zebras, wild pigs , rodents , rabbits

Why do people say zebras are horses?

zebras are from the same family as wild horses, domestic horses, wild asses, and domestic asses. the family is called EQUIDAE

Is there zebras in texas?

you can probably find some in zoos and private Collections. But not in the wild. zebras are not native to Texas.

Are horses related to anyother species in the wild?


What country are zebras found running wild?


What is the wild African dogs diet?

They Eat Zebras