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What kind of Fish lives in the Tundra?

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yes all kinds of fish live in the artic tundra.not just surtin kinds of fish.

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What kind of grass lives in the tundra?

tundra grass

What kind of snakes live in the tundra?

The king cobra lives in the tundra

What kind of owl lives in a tundra biome?

I think that there are snowy owls in the Tundra Biome.

What kind of seal lives in the Tundra?

walrus seal

What kind of fish live in the arctic tundra?


What kind of food do people in the tundra eat?

they eat and fish and blub

What is arctic tundra moss?

Arctic tundra moss is a kind of decomposer that lives in the arctic tundra. It is green in color, but mostly white because it is covered with ice.

In what kind of ecosystem does an Arctic fox live?

The Arctic fox lives in the tundra.

What do fish from biome tundra eat?

Fish do not live on tundra.

What kind of fish lives in the Indian ocean?

What kind of plants and animals lives in the Indian ocean?

What kind of fish live in water?

all fish lives in water

Is tundra always warm?

no a tundra is cold and there is barley anybody that lives in a tundra

What kind of fish lives in the saltwater regions?

usually fish that live in the coral reef

Plants in the tundra?

moss . there is moss that lives in the tundra ! <3

What kind of fish live in the sea?

Any kind of fish lives in the sea; tuna, trout, grouper, you name it! its there and they will never leave

Fish that live out of water?

The only fish species that i know of that lives out of water is the dead kind.

What kind of vertebrate is the tundra most suitable for?

Mammals and birds both do well in the tundra. Fish, reptiles and amphibians--not so much. The best answer would probably be 'warm blooded'.

What is a tundra and what lives there?

the tundra is a biome and it is the coldest of them all but im actually just looking for what lives there so sorry:(

What one animal that lives in the tundra?

because they are suted to live in the tundra

Are there white foxes that live in the tundra?

The Arctic fox lives in the tundra.

Does trout live in tundra?

Trout is a fish, tundra is a type of land.

What kind of fish eats monkeys?

A Large Catfish that lives the Amazon

What kind of habitat do garibaldi fish live in?

A Garibaldi fish lives in a ocean habitat with lots of preys.

To live on land a fish needs lungs.?

No a fish needs water to survie and onley one kind of fish lives on land.

What kind of habitat does the Siberian Tiger live in?

The Siberian Tiger lives in the Tundra habitat.where it's really cold & snowy

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