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Indian children go to rich and poor schools. If there family is rich they will go to a better bigger richer school. But if their family is poor then they will go to a smaaller poorer school in India..

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I went to an international boarding school in northern india.These are the subjects I was taught: English, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History/Civics, E.V.S (Environmental Science),Computer, Art. It was part of the I.C.S.E curriculum.

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The Indian children study the normal subjects like History, Geography, Science, Maths, English and the local language like Hindi, Marathi etc. Earlier when I was in school it was more of book studies, but now in my son's schools they have introduced curriculum development programs like Xseed where the teaching and learning qualities have been improvised by conducting seminars and test.

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cooking. as they eat major portions of tikka and korma, with plenty of pashwari naan, dijon rice, and red onion marmalade with enough poppadoms to feed their 604894573 people in one house.

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Q: What kind of Subjects do they have in school?
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