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That is most likely the common "Daring jumping spider," Phidippus audax. It's completely harmless.

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The spiders do have knobby joints. They u's them to walk when they bend their eight legs

Spider-Man Did Die In A Comic But He Got Cloned

The name 'arthropod' comes from Latin... meaning 'jointed foot'. Arthropods have many joints in their legs. For example - a spider has five joints per leg !

I'm almost certain you're referring to a wolf spider.

I have no idea but I have those in my basement, like a TON of them, and they freak me out!!

The Mexican Red Knee spider you are asking about is actually a Tarantula. It is a large robust tarantula that is black and gray with orange-red knee joints.

Because spiders breathe through their joints. Perfume is stickier than water, which drowns the spider.

What kind of spider has long dangling legs and a clear white body? it was dangling on one web and almost landed on my head. It was so creepy.

A spider is a predator and their main function in the ecosystem is to control the insect population. They do this because they will eat almost every type of insect.

Predators are animals that catch, kill, and eat other living things. Almost all spiders depend for almost all of their diet on captured insects and other such small animals. (One kind of spider eats pollen instead.) So a spider fits the bill completely.

Without knowing the size or body type of a spider, it's almost impossible to identify one. A black spider with pink stripes on its back could be a type of orb weaver, a tarantula, or a wolf spider.

Spider Monkeys Comunicate by their intentions, using postures and stances. Such as when a human approaches, they bark loudly almost as if they where a dog.

No. Your brain is encased in a fluid, so the spider would drown and there is no food for a hungry spider to eat. Spiders cannot live in the nasal passages because it is too damp, mucus would almost immediately trap and drown the spider. There is also no edible food in the nasal passages for the spider to eat.

Almost. There is a batman in every episode of Seinfeld!

They weigh 10 to 19 lbs and are almost 2 ft tall.

It is almost impossible to tell for certain what kind of spider a given specimen is simply by its appearance. In this case, you can rule out many species of spiders, but additional information such as size and web type would be key in its identification.

There are many different Spider-Men I knew as a kid, so here they are in their respective dimensions: The Amazing Spider-Man Secret War Spider-Man The Bombastic Bag Man Ben Reilly (his costume is a bit different from the Scarlet Spider costume) Scarlet Spider (from the Scarlet Spiders organization, if I'm correct) Ultimate Spider-Man (symbiote) The Ultimate Spider-Man (classic suit) Mangaverse Spider-Man Electro-Proof Spider-Man Noir Spider-Man (almost entirely black) Spider-Man 1602 Noir Spider-Man (1930's version of classic suit) Negative Zone Spider-Man Spider-Man 2099 The Iron Spider Flipside Spider Armor

It may be a Black and Yellow Argiope, which is a common orb web spider. Follow the related link to see a picture.

The Spider lives for almost a year and dies in the fall.Usually the spider catches pest insects by making a spin web.The hunting spider is the best hunter and does not even make a spin web.During the reproduction of Spiders the male Spider dies and the Female survives and keeps the male's body for the Spider babies

Try out this site: They have great pictures and descriptions of almost every kind of spider.

I think what you have described is a brown recluse and or wolf spider, nonvenemous

A spider that is brown with a large yellow belly might be a brown widow. Almost all spiders roll into a ball for protection. This spider could also be a garden orb.

There is nothing particularly unusual about the body of a spider monkey; all primates have almost exactly the same body parts. The only body part that a spider monkey has that a human being doesn't have is the tail.

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