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What kind of afterlife does China believe in?

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What does ancient China believe the afterlife is?

Look up Dharma and you'll know.

Do hidus believe in the afterlife?

yes they do believe in afterlife

Did babylonians believe in the afterlife?

Yes, they did believe in the afterlife.

Why did ancient Egyptians believe in the afterlife?

Virtually all civilizations, ancient and modern believe in some kind of afterlife. Humans have a natural aversion at the thought of their own demise.

What do deists believe about afterlife?

Since the position of deism is that God has no involvement with the universe other than having created it, they do not believe that God has prepared any kind of reward or punishment for the afterlife either. Deists do not expect an afterlife.

What did Egytians believe about the afterlife?

What is the afterlife

Which religons believe in the afterlife?

All mainstream religions believe in an afterlife.

What people are polytheistic and believe in an afterlife?

Christians and muslims believe in the afterlife.

What is it called when you only believe in afterlife but not god?

AnswerIt is certainly not necessary to believe in the Abrahamic God to believe in an afterlife. Many religions offer hope for an afterlife in return for belief in their gods. However, to believe in an afterlife, but not believe in any gods, is a form of spiritualism.

Do Catholics believe in life afterlife?

Of course Catholics, and all Christians, believe in an afterlife.

Do Hasidim Jews believe in an afterlife?

Yes, all religious Jews believe in the afterlife.

What do Pastafarians believe about the afterlife?

Pastafarians believe that the afterlife is full of beer volcanoes and stripper factories.

Does satanism believe in a afterlife?

No, a Satanist believes in no prelife or afterlife.

Why did the Chinese believe in the afterlife?

they belived in the afterlife so you can life a long happy afterlife....... BEAST

A sentence with the word afterlife?

"She doesn't believe in any form of an afterlife."

What are some of the customs and beliefs in China?

ok the real beliefs are they believe in gods, destiny, fate, luck and a afterlife welcome and most of them believe in spirits coming back to life!!

If the Saints are dead how can you petition them?

Those who would petition Saints believe in an afterlife and believe that the Saints are alive in the afterlife.

Do you believe in the afterlife but not heaven or hell?

I do not believe in an afterlife and therefore do not believe in heaven or hell. I will believe in one or more of these when there is a scintilla of evidence that there is an afterlife.At the moment, it is a matter of faith, and faith alone, although I acknowledge that belief in an afterlife offers comfort to some.

Use afterlife in a sentence?

Most Americans believe in the afterlife. (life after death)

Did the Samurai believe in the afterlife?


Who did Egyptians believe had afterlife?

the pharohs

Did Mesopotamians believe in afterlife?


Do you believe in an afterlife?

Nope, wbu?

Do Muslims believe in afterlife?


What did Egyptian believe about the afterlife?


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