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What kind of alcohol is flammable?

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anything 100 proof (50%) or over is highly flammable

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Is benzyl alcohol flammable?

Benzyl alcohol is flammable.

Is SD alcohol 40b flammable?

Yes it is alcohol, all alcohol is flammable

Is rubbing alcohol Flammable?

Rubbing alcohol is a volatile and flammable liquid

Why is rubbing alcohol flammable?

Rubbing alcohol is flammable because it contains isopropyl alcohol which is a volatile and flammable organic compound. The fumes of the alcohol will catch on fire if they come into contact with flames.

Which is more flammable rubbing alcohol or jet fuel?

Rubbing alcohol more flammable.

What kinds of alcohol are flammable?

Every type of alcohol is considered flammable. Alcohol is often considered volatile and so flammable that it may be used as fuel depending on the type.

What chemical smells like rubbing alcohol but is not flammable?

Ammonium Fluoride smells like rubbing alcohol but is not flammable. Alcohol itself is extremely flammable and dangerous when exposed to heat.

What do alcohol burns with?

Fire. Alcohol is extremely Flammable.

What in alcohol is flammable?

The alcohol itself, it is a pure compound.

Are liquids flammable?

Not all liquids are flammable. Some liquids that are flammable are gasoline, alcohol, oil. Liquids like water are not flammable.

Is alcohol flammable?

Yes, Alcohol (both Methanol and Ethanol based) are extremely flammable. Please do not try to set it on fire as Alcohol easily soaks into things.

Is rubbing alcohol inflammable?

No, rubbing alcohol is very flammable.

Is alcohol a flame accelerant?

Yes. Alcohol is very flammable.

Can a candle float in alcohol?

Alcohol is flammable - so do not try it

What chemicals are in hand sanitizer that are flammable?

The principal flammable component is rubbing alcohol.

Chemical properties of alcohol?

its flammable

What makes cologne flammable?


Is isopropyl alcohol flammable?


What are the characteristics of alcohols?

alcohol is flammable

Why is deodorant flammable?

because it has alcohol in in it!

Is polyvinyl alcohol flammable?


Is gel flammable?

Yes, some gels are flammable. How flammable would depend on it's alcohol, or flammable substance content. Some gels are not flammable at all, and others a very flammable.

Is Lysol flammable?

Considering that Lysol contains Ethanol and SD Alcohol, it is indeed flammable.

How long is alcohol flammable?

As long as it is present and not all evaporated or burned, it remains flammable.

Why is hairspray flammable?

i think its the alcohol content