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The caliber of the firearm should be stamped on the barrel.

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Q: What kind of ammo it takes?
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What is the red max ammo in moon?

It takes all your reserve ammo in your gun. Even If a zombie touches it, it still takes your ammo

How much does 200 rounds of ammo weight?

It depends on what kind of ammo.

What kind of ammo does an M16 use?

the m16 uses 5.56 caliber ammo

Is this pistol have a certain kind of ammo it shoots?

what kind of pistol is it?

What kind of ammo does the Lincoln's Repeater take in Fallout 3?

Lincoln's Repeater uses .44 Magnum ammo.

What kind of ammo does an ak-47 take?

almost every kind of 7.62x39mm

What kind of ammo does TEC9 TAKE?

9mm rounds.

What is the most dangerous type of ammo?

The kind that renders a target lifeless.

What kind of ammo do you shoot in the browning medilist?


What kind of ammo does the Glock 45 model 21 take?

.45 ACP

What kind of ammo was used for the M1 garand?


What kind of ammo does a ruger lcp use?

.380 ACP

Does it matter what kind airsoft ammo you use?

Yes I have a bunch of airsoft gun's and i have used ammo that is the wrong size... and i clogged the gun and had to take it apart to get it out.

What kind of ammo does a Mossberg 500 Mariner use?

It will be printed on the barrel

What kind of ammo does a Gatling gun use?

45+70 Government

What kind of ammo does a tar-21 shoot?

Sasme as the M16. 5.56x45mm

What kind of ammo does mp7 use?

The HK 4.6×30mm cartridge.

Modern warfare 2 unlimited ammo glitch?

There is no infinite ammo glitch! There was when the game first came out but it has been patched. Besides, why would you want to do that? IT takes all the fun out of the game.

What kind of 38 ammo can be used in a 357 revolver?

Any .38 ammo can be safly fired in a .357. +P .38 loads do not exceed .357 pressures.

What kind of ammo is recommended for a 22 cal western auto revelation revolver?

CCI .22 Long Rifle- or any standard .22 Long Rifle ammo (there has been a major shortage of .22 ammo for a year now)

Can you shoot 32 auto ammo in your 32 pistol?

Yes that what it takes. It should be marked on the barrel.

What caliber ammo takes large rifle primers?

30/06 among many others

What kind of ammo does a model dm-22.22magpistol use?

Take it to a gunsmith for verification.

What kind of ammo does a Winchester model 94ae 45lc use?

.45 Long Colt.

What kind of ammo can be shot out of a 38 caliber revolver?

38 special.