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The caliber of the firearm should be stamped on the barrel.


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It takes all your reserve ammo in your gun. Even If a zombie touches it, it still takes your ammo

It depends on what kind of ammo.

the m16 uses 5.56 caliber ammo

almost every kind of 7.62x39mm

The kind that renders a target lifeless.

The HK 4.6×30mm cartridge.

Yes I have a bunch of airsoft gun's and i have used ammo that is the wrong size... and i clogged the gun and had to take it apart to get it out.

Yes that what it takes. It should be marked on the barrel.

Sasme as the M16. 5.56x45mm

It depends on the kind of ammo. A bomb can weight tons of tons of metric tons. A .50 caliber bullet can weigh around a pound.

Any .38 ammo can be safly fired in a .357. +P .38 loads do not exceed .357 pressures.

There is no infinite ammo glitch! There was when the game first came out but it has been patched. Besides, why would you want to do that? IT takes all the fun out of the game.

CCI .22 Long Rifle- or any standard .22 Long Rifle ammo (there has been a major shortage of .22 ammo for a year now)

Take it to a gunsmith for verification.

You need to have it examined by a gunsmith to be sure.

BB's or a single shot .177 caliber pellet.

Standard 16 gauge shotgun shells.

If you are referring to upgraded ammo, as in when you see upgraded Ammo on the walls, then. Upgraged Ammo is simply ammo for a Pack-A-Puched Weapon. For example, the MP40 has ammo that cost 500 points, when Pack-A-Punched, it will cost 4500 points to replenish the ammo.

With civiian ammo, it is the caliber. Military ammo- year made, and where

It should be marked on the slide. 22LR (.22 Long Rifle)

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