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The Stevens 59A is a shotgun, not a rifle. It fires .410 ammo, both 2 1/2 and 3 inch shells.

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What is the 4 steps to loading a rifle?

For a CF rifle, there are only three steps. Open action, insert ammunition, close action.

Stevens bolt action 22?

A Stevens bolt action .22 caliber rifle is an excellent choice for those starting out shooting or hunting small game animals. It offers a reliable design and shoots affordable ammunition.

What is age on j Stevens model 70 Pat Apr 30 07?

The stevens model 70 Visible loading slide action rifle was made from 1912-1931.

What is the effective range of a Stevens savage 3030 model 325-c bolt action?

That will depend on your skill level, the type of ammunition used and the game being hunted.

How old is a Stevens model 840 bolt action 22?

stevens bolt action 22 model 840

Are there schematics for Stevens model 75 22 slide action?

schematics for a stevens model 75 22 slide action

Stevens-savage 22 model 15?

what can you tell me about the [ Stevens -savage 22 bolt action model 15

What is the value of a Stevens 410 single shot shotgun?

would like to know the value of j. Stevens 1913 single action/brake action

When was the Stevens 15A bolt action made?

The stevens model 15 was made from 1936 until 1971.

What year was the Stevens Model 77 A made?

The stevens model 77 slide action shotgun was made from 1955-1971.

Can anyone give me any information to help determine the year of a Stevens bolt action with a cylinder and no serial number?

Stevens bolt-action with a cylinder.... What are all the markings on the gun? sales@countrygunsmith.net

Where can you find information about a Stevens bolt action visible loader?

If your Stevens is a bolt action, it is NOT a visible loader. If it has any part (perhaps the barrel) that is marked as a visible loader, that part has been replaced.

How old is Stevens 86d 22 bolt action rifle?

Your savage/stevens model 86d was made between 1936-1943.

How many kinds of breech loading rifles were there?

A lot! Breech loading simply means loaded from the rear of the barrel, instead of the muzzle. There are "trapdoor" rifles, top break, bolt action, lever action, autoloading, pumps, "twist" action, and a few others that did not really work out.

What is a Stevens Model 770?

It is a 12 GA pump action shotgun.

What action between heads of state does not require congressional approval?

What action between heads of state does not require congressional approval?

J Stevens 22 cal lever action octagon barrel sn 986?

What year was J stevens made serialk #203j

When were Stevens savage model 77E made?

The Stevens model 77 slide action shotgun was made during the years 1955-1971.

J Stevens Model 38A 410 lever action?

The J Stevens Model 38A 410 lever action is valued at?æthree hundred and seventy five dollars and?æthe bore is in a good shape.

Where can Manuals for Stevens Model 416 a bolt action 22LR and a Stevens Model 77E a 410 pump shotgun be found?

Stevens and Springfield merged with Savage. Check customer service at Savage arms.

What is the value of Stevens 25 caliber lever action rifle?

The value of the Stevens .25 caliber lever action rifle varies quite a bit with its condition. This gun sells for about 300 dollars in good to excellent condition.

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