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The bond between hydrogen and chlorine in HCl is a covalent bond because of the small difference in electronegativity between the two atoms. Furthermore it is a polar bond that is, a permanent dipole because of the asymmetrical arrangement of the positive and negative regions in the molecule.

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Does hcl have a polar covalent bond?

Yes. The bond in HCl is polar covalent.

What kind of bond makes up hydrochloric acid?

HCl is made up of two non-metals and is thus a covalent bond.

What type of bond is HCl?

polar covalent bond.

What bond is HCl?

Hydrogen chloride has a covalent bond.

Is HCl corvalent of ionic?

HCl is considered as having a covalent bond.

Does HCL contain a hydrogen bond?

No. It has a polar covalent bond (intramolecular forces). Between two HCl (intermolecular) their is no hydrogen bond either, because HCl have a greater diameter and cannot form hydrogen bond. Only F, O, N.

Is HCl covalent bond or ionic bond?

It is a polar covalent molecule.

Is chlorine a single bond or a double bond?

The bond formed by chlorine is a single bond- e.g. in Cl2, in HCl

Does hci have an ionic bond or covalent bond?

HCl gas is a covalent molecular compound, HCl in water dissociates to form H+(aq) + Cl-

What is the covalent bond of hydrogen and chlorine?

Hydrogen chloride, HCl, has a polar covalent bond

What kind of bond can chlorine atom form?

Chlorine can form both ionic and covalent bonds. For example:-NaCl- Here bond between chlorine and Sodium is ionic.HCl- Here bond between Hydrogen and Chlorine is covalent.

Which pair of atoms is held together by a covalent bond?

HCl is held together by a covalent bond

Is hydrogen bonding possible between ether and HCl?

I may be wrong but I don't think so. HCl is ionically bonded - this bond will not break easily to form a covalent bond.

What type bonding does HCl has?

H-Cl A covalent bond.

What compound is ionic hcl n2o so2 or cacl2?

HCL is covalent. This is the type of bond that forms with the combination of Hydrogen and Chloride

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