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Q: What kind of bonding is silver iodine?
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What is silver iodine?

Silver iodide is the chemical compound consisting of silver and iodine.

Ag and Iodine form what kind of compound?

An ionic compound, specifically silver iodide.

How many protons do iodine and silver have?

iodine has 53 and silver has 47

What kind of bonding would take place between silver and bromine atoms?

An ionic bond

What type of compound is Agl?

probably silver Iodide. Ag is silver and I is Iodine

Potassium bromide is a stable molecule Iodine bromide is an unstable molecule Which statement explains the difference in stability?

Potassium bromide has ionic bonding, and iodine bromide has covalent bonding.

What difference in bonding between the solid state and gaseous state of iodine?

Iodine molecule has covalent bonds.

How many non bonding pairs of electrons does one iodine atom have in carbon tetraiodide?

Each iodine atom in a molecule of carbon tetraiodide has three non-bonding pairs of electrons.

At STP which substance has metallic bonding?


Describe the bonding in a crystal of iodine?

iodine is made from diatomic iodine molecules,the two iodine atoms are covalently bonded with each other.the iodine molecules have dispersion forces so,the crystal is made from the dispersion forces between the iodine molecule.

Compound made of iodine and silver?

The compound made of silver and iodine is silver iodide(AgI). Because this is a compound with a metal (silver) and a non-metal (iodine), we use the metal's name with the non-metal's name changed to end in -ide.

Why does petrol change color when mixed with iodine solution?

Petrol changes color when mixed with iodine solution due to covalent bonding.