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Q: What kind of books does Jeff Kinney right?
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What kind of books did Jeff Kinney read as a kid?

he read similar books and some mystery books as well

Is Jeff Kinney a good role model?

yes of course he is he is kind and awsome

What kind of car does Jeff Kinney have?

they have all kinds of cars like fords and lower prices

What kind of car does Jeff Kinney have?

they have all kinds of cars like fords and lower prices

What kind of author is Jeff Kinney?

He writes the really awesomely funny Diary of A wimpy kid series

What is Jeff Kinney's contact information?

Are you a stalker or somthing! What kind of question is that.It isjeff.kinney@hotmail.com1917 lynwood Pueblo,COi dont know the awnser but my friend has read many diary of a wimpy kid books and thhinks their

Does diary of a wimpy kids 5th book title mean its the last book by Jeff Kinney?

I really don't know,but it is Greg Heffley's last year in middle school. So probaly it is the last book.(It would be kind of odd for a high school person to have a diary)

Will Jeff hardy return at the 2011 royal rumble?

No.He has currently joined TNA nd it doesnt looks like he'll come back to wwe any time soon. Jeff Hardy as of the end of 2010, is TNA's world champion. TNA has attempted to build Jeff as some kind of "savior" and is putting Jeff on a pedistal, giving Jeff the "King" treatment. Jeff is in some kind of "bad guy" image right now, leaving his "fan favorate" image with the WWE. I SERIOUSLY doubt Jeff will again leave TNA to reunite with the WWE as Jeff did some time ago.

What quotation best shows what kind of character Jeff is?

"Jeff believed every word of his own stories."

In order to be grammatically correct should you say Which kind of books is or Which kind of books are?

"Which kind of books is..." The verb has to agree with kind in number. It is a bit odd sounding to say "kind of books"...not wrong just odd. It seems to emphasize that you expect more than one type in the kind. You more often hear "Which kind of book is..."

What kind of books does Gary soto write?

what kind of books did Gary Soto write

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The personalities of the Animorphs can be described as strong personalities with the desire to do to right thing.

Science and Math Books are examples of what kind of books?

text books

What kind of car does Jeff hardy have and what color?

Jeff Hardy drives a yellow convertable Lamborghini Gallardo

Did Jeff hardy win at the bash?

Kind of.

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Nonfiction books. Usually reference books like textbooks or research books.

What kind of books are illuminated letters reserved for?

Special types of books

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The kind of books that Mr. Chips reads are referred to as the psychological fiction.

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Adam Gontier has never confirmed what kind of books he enjoys reading.

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The Miz likes adventure books and wrestling books.

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Forbes makes a variety of travel books for individuals including Europe. There are a variety of companies that provide travel books and the best way to figure out which is the right book would be to determine what kind of vacation one wants to take.

What kind of thermals does Jeff hardy were?

he wears a hood

What kind of cancer did Jeff Healey die of?


What kind of books did RL Stine write?

horror books

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books, books, and even more books oh and a librarian