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probably a Yugo

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Q: What kind of car can a teacher afford?
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What kind of car can photographers get?

Any car they want, and can afford

What kind of car can a veterinarian buy?

Any kind they can afford.

How can you decide what vehicle to buy?

What kind of car do you want that you can afford and does what you need it to?

What kind of car can a teacher drive and how far can it go?

Any kind of car the teacher wants to drive. It can go as far as they want as long as they stop for fuel.

Will a car payment calculator help me determine what kind of car payments I can afford?

Yes a car payment calculator will help you work out what you can afford. However, it will also tell you the exact amount needed for your payment which is important to know.

What kind of car does an electrician drive?

any car the electrician wants or can afford... but the most common I've seen is a cargo van

How much car can a lawyer afford from their salary?

What kind of car a lawyer can afford depends on the lawyer's income and debt. Many lawyers in the United States graduate from law school needing to repay student loans, which reduces the amount of money they can spend on a car.

What kind of aftermarket amp could you replace the factory amp with in a 91 Lincoln town car?

Pretty much any kind you can afford and install.

Definition of teacher performance?

A good teacher loves his/her students and therefore can afford to wait for them to learn.

Are car loan calculators available online?

There are car loan calculators available online. It is handy tool for figuring out what kind of loan that you can afford to have. Here is a website that will help:

Is the Bentley car good on gas?

No. But if you can afford a Bentley then you can afford the gas right?

How many people can not afford a car?

17 out of 23 people cannot afford cars