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The reader does not know much about a flat character, which is one that has little information given by the author. This is in contrast to a round character, which is fully described and more realistic to the reader.

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A flat character is one that is not fully developed or described.

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Q: What kind of character does the reader not know much about?
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Why are characters vital to a literary work?

The more a writer knows about a character, the more real or true a character will seem to the reader. It's important not to reveal too much to the reader, and also not to reveal too little, but equally important is simply knowing much more about a character than the reader does when the reader first encounters that character. You might say that a character that has not been developed before it meets the printed page will seem as thin as the paper itself, whereas a character with a deep backstory, personality, ambitions, and fears will appear three-dimensional.

Is the protagonist a one dimensional character?

yes Actually, the protagonist is the main character, so they are likely to go through some personality changes and the reader is likely to get to know them and learn about their feelings. A one-dimentional character is a pretty platonic person. Not much of a personality.

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