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Hitler killed Jewish children and people because he hated the Jews

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Hitler didn't have childen of his own.

No, Hitler never had any children.

No, because Hitler never had any children.

Hitler did not have any children, but he and his wife did commit suicide together. His wife took poison and Hitler shot himself.

No, because Hitler did not have any sons, or any children.

No, Hitler committed suicide and he didn't have any children anyway.

yes, he killed all jews

Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, did not have any children. But they both committed suicide on 30 April 1945.

Of couse what kind of idiot are you

Hitler did not have a son. He did have a few brothers and sisters, and some of them had children, but Hitler himself never did.

No, because Hitler did not have a daughter, or any children for that matter.

Everywhere, during his rule, mainly concentration camps

basically for the same reason that he killed their parents.

Hitler did not kill any race that was not Jewish. Any person that had any skin color was spared as long as they were not Jewish.

He didn't kill the children but made them work. However the adults got gassed.

Hitler killed 6 million people and out of the 6 million 1.5 million were children

Adolf Hitler didnt have any children. He married Eva Bruan a short while before he shot her then took his own life.

Hitler did not kill his relatives.

Most of them were killed with poison gas, many were killed by starvation, or were shot.

No the Battle of Berlin did not kill Hitler. Hitler committed suicide.

Hitler decided to kill Jewish children so Jewish won't exist any more

Hitler did not kill his family. He had no children. His parents died of natural causes when he was a young man. He had a sister, Paula, who lived until 1960, and two half-siblings who also outlived him.

Frank kill Anne Hitler, How?

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