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Auto repair schools will offer such classes as Piston Maintanence 101, Fuel Line Replacement 201, and Gear Shifts Today 101.

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Q: What kind of classes will auto repair schools offer?
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How can I find auto repair classes in my city?

There are schools that offer auto repair classes. You could always try community colleges in your area, and if not available there, there are websites that have lists of auto repair classes available, her is one:

Where can I find a high schools that have auto repair classes?

The class name is auto shop and it's in a lot of high schools.

What schools offer an auto body repair degree?

Here is the list of schools which offer an auto body repair degree: - Arkansas Tech University - Baker College of Flint - Bismarck State College - Boise State University

What does the showroomshine website offer?

They offer auto detailing and wheel repair and interior repair and variety of detailing repair of auto and they also offer you a cleaning of your vehicle.

How do you become a certified auto repair technician?

You can receive certification through many schools that offer programs in auto repair. It usually takes around two years to finish a program like this.

What kind of degree can I receive from an auto repair college?

You can earn a Auto Mechanic Certification from auto repair schools. These schools are not official colleges, and you do not earn a degree, but a certificate.

Where can i find providers of auto repair classes?

You can find providers of auto repair classes by contacting a local college, university or a local garage that has a licensed mechanic.

where can I find some information about auto repair training?

You can find information's about auto repair training in almost every auto mechanic school. Some of those schools are: Penn Foster Schools, Stratford Career Institute and Ashworth College. By the way, they all offer online schooling and are highly recommended.

Where can I take auto mechanic classes in Tucson?

There are many places that offer auto mechanic training in Tucson. You should look for nearby community colleges and trades schools to see what programs and certification they offer in that field.

What is the best auto repair shop to go to in Memphis, TN?

Based on reviews I would check out Performance Auto Repair. They offer a wide variety of complete auto repair and offer excellent customer service.

Where should I look for information on auto tech schools?

My first choice would be to look at your local library for schools in your area. Some high schools offer courses in various technical areas. After that, I would check on the internet for tech schools that offer classes in areas of your interest.

How can I take auto repair courses online?

Your local vocational or technical college may offer auto repair courses online. You could also try one of the national schools, such as or to see if one of them has a program which will work for you.

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