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Q: What kind of climate does bamboo need to survive?
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What kind of climate does a snow leopard need to survive?

They need snow and mountains.

What kinds of animals are in Italy?

there are lots they need a hot climate to survive

What kind of habitat do snails need to survive?

They need humid,sticky climate. with a little water

What type of climate does a lion need to survive?

For a lion to survive it must be in a warm climate.

What is a plant that panda need to help it survive?

pandas need lots of bamboo

What do giant pandas need to survive?

they need food and water. they mainly survive on bamboo. their diet also contains honey meat insects and plants and leaves. their diet is 99% bamboo.

What do red panda need to survive in the wild?

they need a habitat, water, and bamboo leaves... :)

What Do Giant Pandas Specific Need To Survive?

they need shelter, food, water. They usually eat bamboo, their diet consists of 99% bamboo

Do plants and animals need the right climate to survive?

Yes, Animals and Plants need the right climate to survive. c: ~Mystery

What climate do hyenas need to survive?


What kind of climate does a giraffe need to live in to survive?

well they need to live in warm wealther to live. because they have very short fur.

Why do giant pandas survive in spring?

they need food and water. they survive on bamboo most ofthetime but they also eat honey and fish and insect and meat. there diet is 99% bamboo.

What climate does an alligator need to survive?

-20 to +34

Why do giant pandas need their kind of area?

they need to live in places where their is bamboo

What do sloths need to survive?

Sloths need leaves and water to survive. They need to be in a very warm climate to survive because there body temperatures are very low.

Why is there climate?

There is climate simply because there is weather & weather is something we need to survive! Hope this helped! :)

What do you need to survive in life?

Food, clothing and depending on the climate shelter.

How much do pandas need to eat to survive?

Pandas need to eat up to 20 or 30 pounds of bamboo shoots in one day, to gain the nourishment the they needs to survive.

What helps a panda survive?

Bamboo, food, water, things that humans and other animals usually need.

Do kolalas eat bamboo?

No. They eat eucalyptus leaves, which give them all the water and food they need to survive.

What do rhinos need to survive?

They need food and water. They also need a good climate for their body temp.

What kind of climate do raccoons need?

Raccoons are very adaptable and survive from southern Canada to tropical forests in Central and South America, including in hot deserts.

What do red pandas need to survive and live a healthy life?

Tenuously. What is arguably the greatest threat to the giant panda is destruction of its habitat. Bamboo, which is 99% of its diet, is commercially being cut. That has impacted its range and/or population density. The giant panda is well-adapted to its natural terrain and climate, but cannot survive in the wild without a year 'round supply of the bamboo that is its primary food source.

What does bamboo need to survive?

it needs a lot of sun and some water and some one to sleep next to it when it gets cold.

What three things do plants need to survive in a particular climate?

Vegatation, adaptions, and sunlight