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Lady Gaga wore uniforms and navy blue sweaters

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Why does Lady Gaga where clothes like an mad woman?

lady gaga wheres that kind of clothes because she did not fit in high school so she wanted a place for fans to hang out with her without being afriad of exspressing themself

What kind of music does Lady Gaga do?

Lady Gaga is a Pop artist.

What kind of a person is Lady Gaga?

Lady gaga is a different person then most people

Is Lady Gaga kind?

she is truly a wonderful lady

Is Lady Gaga like kesha?

Kind of, I think Ke$ha is more like Lady Gaga, because Lady Gaga is totally original.

What kind of car does Lady Gaga drives?

i think lady gaga does not have a car she has a driver drive her around

Is Lady Gaga sister is a singer?

no she isn't but lady gaga is and Natalie is kind of famous sister is called Natalie

What kind of music is Lady Gaga like?

Lady gaga likes electric pop music with a catching tune

What kind of childhood did Lady Gaga have?

As a child, Gaga was bullied by other kids :(

What kind of music does Lily Allen sing?

lili Allen is quite wearing sexy clothes but she sing quite like lady gaga...

What kind of food does Lady Gaga like?

In an interview on MTV with Alexa Chung, Lady GaGa said that she likes pizza and french fries.

What kind of lady gaga is she?

she a singer and her recent song is parparise

What kind of work does Lady Gaga do?

lady gaga is an artist she writes music and pa-forms it on stage the type of music she sings is pop and dance music

Who is better Lady Gaga or Cheryl Cole?

to be honest i think they are both amzing singers but lady gaga is kind of loopy. so i prefer cheryl! IMPROVED ANSWER: I think Lady Gaga is better. This is because Cheryl Cole is in the news a lot for all the wrong things at the minute and Lady Gaga is not. Lady Gaga is a Brit Award winner as well so that means she must be better.

What kind of sports does Lady Gaga do?

pole dancing and badminton usually.

Does lady gaga have a wort?

a wart? depends on what kind youre referring to.

What kind of diesess does Lady Gaga have?

She is hurd to have an autoimmune disorder by the name of Lupus.

What kind of Catholic is lady gaga?

My guess would be, a non-practicing Catholic.

Does lady gaga have other kind of job?

Not as far as the general public knows.

What kind of a childhood does Lady Gaga have?

Lady gaga was born with both a penis and a vagina, so she was raised as a boy until she developed her very small breasts that I find very unflattering. So, she was beaten up at school as she couldn't be gay, having both forms of genitalia.

What kind of dog does Lady Gaga have?

Lady gaga has two dogs that are greatdans there names are Allison and Abbey ROad and she also has a little dog named Yoko but i dont know what type.

What kind of songs does Lady Gaga sing?

Usually songs of very questionable quality

What kind of dogs does Lady Gaga have?

If it's her small brown one, then it's a cockapoo (:

Is Lady Gaga dangerous or beautiful?

she is kind and beautiful and she is NEVER and i mean NEVER mean.

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