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During the Australian gold rush period bushrangers wore the typical dress of the day, that is moleskin or cord material trousers, shirts with long sleeves and collars and sometimes a buttoned waistcoat over the top. They often wore a cravat or neckerchief under the collar like a tie and a straw hat called a cabbage tree, because it was made locally from the plaited cabbagetree palm leaf. They wore boots for riding and carried hand guns pushed into the waist bands of their trousers or in a gun holster. Their guns might be stolen from troopers or settlers when they raided their homesteads. When their clothes got too old or dirty, they'd just steal more so were often quite well dressed.

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bushrangers like ned kelly wore a helmet and very dark clothing.

hope that info helps

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kungbushmen pagal

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Q: What kind of clothing did bushrangers were?
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What is the collective noun for bushrangers?

A gang of bushrangers, like "Ned Kelly's gang."A collective noun is a word for a group of people or things. I don't believe that bushrangers, loners at heart, get together often enough for a collective noun to become theirs. You have to use a general collective noun used for people based on their situation or activity, including group to start you off; a troop of bushrangers, a crowd of bushrangers, a mob of bushrangers, a boatload of bushrangers, a convention of bushrangers, a meeting of bushranges, a party of bushrangers, or a pair of bushrangers.

How did bushrangers get around?

Bushrangers mainly used horses.

How did the bushrangers become bushrangers?

well you wood have to brake the law

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Murray Bushrangers was created in 1993.

What did bushrangers use for transport?

Bushrangers primarily used horses for transportation.

Were bushrangers criminals?

Yes. Bushrangers were criminals who would ambush unsuspecting travellers or even landowners, stealing their money and goods. A few bushrangers resorted to murder.

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Absolutely. Bushrangers posed a genuine threat, and many could be ruthless.

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Bushrangers usually committed murder, robbery, theft, assault and other crimes.

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Patrick and James Kenniff were regarded as Australia's last bushrangers. They were captured and brought to trial in 1902.

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There was no leader of the bushrangers. Bushrangers operated in small gangs, or occasionally alone, and they formed one of the hazards of life in rural Australia for many decades. Therefore, there could be no single leader.