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hey, I have a huge test tmw and i need help fast this is on of the questions i need to know PLEASE HELP ME :/

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Nimbostratus and Stratus

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Q: What kind of cloud forms when a warm front approaches?
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What kind of cloud forms lightning?

Cumulonimbus clouds form lightning

Which cloud type forms in horizontal layers?

Taco kind and Barbaloots in Wanahakalugi!$$$

What kind of cloud is formed when a warm front meets cold air?


What kind of participation forms from a stratus cloud?

its precipitation smart one participation is taking part of something

Why might a cloud type change and become another kind of cloud?

If local convection, or a pressure front, causes the cloud to change elevation, the water vapor will form into a different cloud type consistent with that altitude.

Which kind of front usually forms long thin stratus clouds?


What kind of air front forms when a warm air mass meets the area of a cooler air mass?

cold front

What kind of cloud are thunderstorm cloud?


What kind of precipitation forms when strong winds toss ice crystals up and down in a cloud?

The answer is easy ice crystals and super cooled droplets in a cloud form hail or sleet.

What kind of cloud is mare's tail?

It is a cirrus cloud.

What kind of weather does stratus bring?

Generally, only drizzle, although there can be cloud above stratus giving rain, showers or other forms of precipitation.

What kind of a front forms where a warm air mass moves over a cold air mass?